Normally, when you copy a branch, Mindomo copies the plain text outline format of the branch.
If you want to fully copy a branch with all its links, images, notes and other resources, follow these steps: 

1. Click on the branch you wish to copy
2. Press CTRL+C
3. In the lower left side, you will see a popup panel with tips. Select ‘Click here’.

4. Press CTRL+C again


5. Go to other map, and select the branch where you want to paste the content.
6. Press CTRL+V


There you go! Easy like a Sunday morning! 😀

Keep it smart, simple and creative!
The Mindomo Team


  1. It seems that when I ctrl+copy + ctrl+copy the popup, when I paste in my selected branch, comments and links does not paste. Any suggestion about how to copy and paste everything in a branch?

    • Hi, Jaime. Indeed, when copy-pasting information from one map to another, resources like comments and attachments (files from your computer) aren’t transferred. Still, you should have been able to paste the links. Did you copy-paste information from the Tools section in the context menu?

  2. Hello,

    Following your instructions on this process but when I paste to a topic in another map, nothing happens. Can you advise how I can paste directly or manually enter in the copied code?


  3. Would it be possible to modify the copy-paste handler to include this JSON information as a sub object which can be used or ignored depending on how the user desires to paste the data? A bit like how text editors have multiple versions of the data (unformatted, html, Unicode, etc)

    • Well, the Copy Branch – Paste Branch is a JSON format. Would you like to paste the exact text of the JSON? If so, you can go to Copy Branch, right click to copy the text, then onto the other map and simply paste the text. Do let me know if this is what you are interested in.

  4. Laura Reeves Reply

    Seems legit. Would have been frustrating to copy each picture or link at a time. Thanx for sharing!

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