The invasion of technology has become unstoppable and to some extent quite overwhelming, some would argue.  Especially professors and instructors feel threatened at times that they could be replaced in the classroom or work field by much more interesting programs or applications that offer online instruction.

Instead of focusing too much on the dominance of technology in education and not only, you could start focusing on the learning experience that you may benefit from if you start using an innovative technological tool as a helper.  One such tool that can be a true helper for your teaching or working activity is a mind mapping application.

Here are 7 main reasons which make a mind mapping application a helper, not a replacer:

1.   It encourages you to be creative but doesn’t create mind maps on its own.

2.   It provides the right context for collaborative work but doesn’t collaborate without you.

3.   It allows you to store your resources but won’t do the research for you.

4.   It makes it easy to turn your mind maps into presentations but won’t present in your place.

5.   It permits you to organize and share your work with others but cannot organize or share the information by itself.

6.   It helps you develop innovative solutions for your problems but won’t take your place in the decision making process.

7.   It enables you to visualize your deepest thoughts but won’t think in your place.

The more you explore the learning opportunities that a mind mapping application can offer, you will discover that your perspective on technology and even online learning may change.

How do you make technology work with you? 

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