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Phrasal verbs are very common in conversations and that makes them essential to mastering the English language.
Use this mind map to learn the phrasal verbs with 'get'!

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Phrasal verbs: get

Phrasal verbs: get

Use this template to learn the phrasal verbs with “get”. A phrasal verb is a verb used with a preposition that changes its original meaning. Find out the meaning of phrasal verbs with “get” and try to write sentences with them. Some examples of phrasal verbs with “get” are: “get over”, “get into”, “get along”, “get across”, “get up”, “get back”, “get by”, “get around” etc.

Phrasal verbs: GET

A phrasal verb is usually a combination of a verb + a preposition which usually changes the meaning of the original verb.

Think about their meaning and add more examples of phrasal verbs based on GET!

Get back (at)

To hurt someone who has hurt you

Get by

Manage to survive despite of dificulties

Get around

Travel to different places

Get off

Leave a place

Get up

Rise to your feet

Get across

Make people understand something

Get along

Have a good relationship with someone

Get into

Become interested in something

Get over

Recover from an illnes

Get down (to)


Write sentences with each meaning!

Being serious about a topic

Try to find other meanings too!

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