Present your maps on iPad and Android
Take a look at how it works:
1. Easily select the slides for your presentation


2. Adjust the slides according to the desired content


3. Play your presentation instantly


Please follow the links below to access the application:

Mind map creatively with your Class
Use mind mapping to innovate your teaching and motivate students to learn effectively

1. Create assignments to help students practice creativity

2. Share assignments with your students


3. Follow students’ progress


4. Guide students to work either individually or with a team

Work together with external collaborators
Invite collaborators who don’t have a Mindomo account to edit your maps
1. The first step is to acquire the Professional or Academic package.


2. The second step is to select the option to “Share Settings”


3. The third step is to simply “Allow guest editing”

Use labels to make sense of relationships
Enhance the relationships between topics by placing labels on them:
1. Labels can be guiding

2. Labels can be explanatory


Other “WOW” improvements :

  • New theme editor where you can create your own theme

1.To customize the theme for your mind map, start from your current map theme:


2. After you select a topic, you can change the color, font size or text style and the changes will apply to all topics within that level:


3. Once you select to“Save & Apply” changes, your current theme will illustrate the changes you’ve made to the topics:

  • Import mind maps from and Xmind
  • Export maps as pdf and image from your mobile apps


  1. the android version is not available for galaxy tab 2 7.0

    are you planning to do so?

    • Hi Marcelo,
      Thank you for your question. We are planning on having the android version available for galaxy tab 2.7.0. and once we release it we will make sure to inform you about it.
      Best regards, Naomi

  2. How about confidentiality and security ? i’ve work on my local deskstop and discover ALL my stuff goes to the cloud of mindomo. I didn’t asked for that. I odnt know how is the security with the mindomo company and i dont want to have my stuff stored on your website. How can we do otherway ?

    • Hi Laurent,
      Whether you work on Mindomo Desktop or on tablets, our system does not automatically send your maps into the Cloud.. To make sure that your maps are created locally, you have to make sure that you create local maps in the first place and not cloud maps. When working on Mindomo Desktop, the maps do not automatically transfer to online, they have to be synchronized with the online version. And on tablets, you can only access online maps if you log in. Please let us know if you need more assistance or contact us at Thank you, Naomi

  3. wandina Marin Reply

    Desearía tener este programa no solamente en la Tabla sino en el movil, de esta forma tendria mas control en mi organización respectiva

    • Thank you for your suggestion, at the moment the app is available on android phones. Please let us know if there is anything else we may help you with 🙂

  4. Torgrim Sandvoll Reply


    Can you please publish a video demonstrating the assignment feature?

    What is an assignment (in Mindomo)? Is is possible to assign an assignment to 30 students easily? How do a student finish an assignment?

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Hi Torgrim,
      Very shortly we will publish a video illustrating the assignment feature. An assignment in Mindomo functions like a mind map, but the changes that students are making on their assignment copy does not change the initial assignment which the professor shared. You also have the possibility to create “classrooms” and add students to a specific group or classroom. So, it’s easy to assign a mind map to 30 students because you can share it with any specific classroom or group. For students to finish an assignment they have to select “Finish Assignment” and the mind map will be sent to their professor.
      Thank you for your encouraging words 🙂

  5. I think the upcoming feature “Work together with external collaborators” will be really helpful as I have found out that people I wanted to collaborate are initially skeptical creating yet another account.
    This will facilitate collaboration.

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