4 simple answer and question article about mind-mapping. First of more articles that will explain why Mindomo offers something important

1.Why mind-mapping?
2.What does mind-mapping stand for?
3.What is the main help that mind-mapping offers?
4.Why is mind mapping important?

So let’s see:

1. Why mind-mapping?
One of the best ways to stay focused and in-touch with the plan you want to develop.

People use it to avoid brain freezes that might occur writing plain text in Word or on a piece of paper.

2. What does mind-mapping stand for?
A mind map is a representation of words, ideas, tips that are organized around the subject, that can be a word or even a phrase. A productive way to take notes.

3. What is the main help that mind-mapping offers?
Containing your creativity and channeling it into solving issues that occured.They help you associate ideas and create connections between topics and ideas.

4. Why is mind mapping important?
Well, how many times did you have trouble focusing on a important subject, loosing touch with the main idea?

I know i did. When you start using mind-map it looks complicated. Frustrating. Seems like it takes a lot of your time. Actually what it does is to keep you focused.

Enables your innerself to get creative, procedural, work driven.

That’s why you should give it a try.

I hope we covered at least a bit of what newcomers would have to face when they will sign-up on Mindomo.
Stay tuned for more articles on what, why, where when talking about mind-mapping.

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