We are happy to introduce Albert as our new team member. He’s that piece of the puzzle we’ve been searching for. Just catch a glimpse at his bio and you’ll see why we chose him:

Albert was born a couple of months ago, on a beautiful December morning. He grew up extremely fast into a smart guy, always learning and experimenting something new. A curious character, with joyful T-shirts and funny hairdo. He dreams of traveling the world and having his own basement laboratory.
He loves learning. Most likely because he’s a self-made scholar, who gets to pick his subjects, when he wants to study and how to do it. He makes it easy and fun. Albert doesn’t do grades and exams, but he works out what he’s learning by using Mindomo. He mind maps all the time, just to make sure he never misses anything important.
Credentials: wacky scientist; visionary mind mapper; hot air balloon pilot; occasional artist; talented mechanic; table-soccer champ. He also has the world’s largest collection of wacky ideas.

Hobbies: extreme sports; watching snails racing; hikaru dorodango; heffalump hunting.

We believe Albert is going to be an awesome addition to our team, and we wish him the best of luck with his new job!

Keep it smart, simple, and creative!

The Mindomo Team 


  1. Bernadette W. Reply

    This is hilarious, guys! When will we get to see Albert in action? 🙂

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