Mind mapping techniques

Are you trying to improve your mind mapping skills? Even if you are using mind maps for a while or you just started, there are always more things to learn. In both cases, you should find out the mind mapping techniques that will turn you into an expert when it comes to mind maps!

Whether in business, education, or personal life, a mind map is a great tool for organizing information. The best part of this graphic organizer is that it has multiple uses. It comes in handy for problem-solving, brainstorming, planning, and organizing. Moreover, it is an amazing study technique.  A visual form of knowledge makes it easier to understand and memorize. You can create a mind map for note-taking, structuring courses, or for help writing an essay, consolidating and organizing information from different sources, etc.

Besides the fact that mind maps improve learning, they are an amazing tool for book summaries, vision boards, or to-do lists. In other words, you can make the best out of the mapping technique even in your personal life. It boosts productivity and efficiency and they are a great counter to procrastination if you know how to use them!

Consequently, you should learn how to create a mind map properly. 

Let’s start with the two major categories of methods: regarding the approach and regarding the procedure.

The approach – mind mapping techniques

There are two approaches when it comes to mind mapping. You can either draw mind maps on paper or you can create them using mind mapping software.

1. Traditional mind map

They say it helps to put your thoughts, information, and ideas on paper. Seeing them written down, you can think clearer and remember information easier. Moreover, when you write with your own hand it’s more helpful than when you just read content made by someone else. That is why journals and the conventional notes are useful.

Nonetheless, mind maps can be more effective than other brainstorming and linear note-taking methods. Why?

  • You write in your own style and arrange everything on the page how you think it’s better for you to understand. 
  • Mind maps mimic the way the human brain thinks, so it is very intuitive. 
  • You can generate ideas very fast
  • Being a graphical tool it can include words, images, numbers, and colors which facilitate the retention of information
  • The fact that mind maps link concepts through natural associations help you find deeper meaning and new ideas

However, it is hard to edit and keep a clean aspect of the mind map. You can’t move the branches and the nodes of your map unless you use pencils and a rubber. Even so, in the end, it is not seamless and you probably will use a draft and do it again. Therefore you may lose time and put in a lot of effort if you want it to look good. 

Likewise, you can’t share the mind map or collaborate with someone if you choose to draw mind maps. Mind mapping tehniques - Traditional mind map

2. The modern mind map

Because mind mapping can be used in so many domains, an upgrade of the traditional map drawn on paper appeared. There is mind mapping software now. They allow you to create a map from your favorite device (PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet). 

A digital mind map is a great option, coming with many benefits, compared to the traditional one. 

Firstly, you can edit it easily by dragging and dropping the nodes, erasing, or adding new ideas. You can customize it instantly. You have a wider range of options when it comes to colors, fonts, sizes, shapes, layouts, etc.

Secondly, you can share your mind map and collaborate with other people. This is a very important aspect when you work in teams. For instance, let’s say you have to create a problem solving mind map along with your team members.

A collaborative mind mapping software like Mindomo allows you to work simultaneously. This way, all of you can add ideas and work together for a better result and find solutions faster. More heads are better than one.

Mind mapping software tools are various. In the digital world, you can add multimedia files (images, videos, audio files), links, or notes. Thus, your mind map will contain more knowledge and it will be more efficient. Not to mention that you are able to access your maps from anywhere as long as you have a device.

The advantages of mind mapping tools are much bigger than the traditional mapping technique. Mindomo has many features that allow you to make the most of your mapping experience. 

Mind mapping tehniques - Digital mind map

The procedure 

Another perspective is the procedure. Tony Buzan is a British author that popularized the term “mind map” in 1960. He highlighted some important elements to consider about the mapping technique. These should guide you to create the most efficient mind maps. Here are the important aspects that will help you become a great mind map creator:

1. The center

After you open Mindomo, it’s time to create a mind map. Where to start? In the center of a blank page. Whether you create a brainstorming, business plan, or problem solving mind map, start in the center. The middle point gives your brain the freedom to spread out freely. This way you can express your ideas more naturally. Choose a single word that describes what your mind map is about and let your ideas flow.

Mind mapping tehniques - center

2. Use an image

After you wrote the central idea in the middle it’s time to use an image for it. The central image will stimulate your imagination, memory, and associations. With Mindomo it’s easy to add an image to your central idea. Moreover, you can search for it online or import it from your computer or your favorite cloud storage service instantly.

Mind mapping tehniques - use an image

3. Curved branches

Connect the central image with your ideas using curved branches (lines). These should be curved because thinking is natural. Moreover, this shape attracts the brain more. Mindomo’s mind mapping tools allow you to change the shape and thickness of the lines.

After the first level, you can emanate the second level ideas and from those the third level and so on. The mind map has a limitless character. In other words, you can add more and more ideas to the infinite. You can customize the shape of the lines for every level of the map and make it different. This way you can differentiate the levels easily.

Mind mapping tehniques - use an image

4. Key words

Try to use one key word per topic, avoiding phrases or sentences. When you use a single word the brain can find easier associations. When you create a mind map you want to have freedom and flexibility. This is exactly what a single word offers in this context. You can be more creative and associate your ideas with a new ones faster.
A big advantage of mind mapping tools is that you can change the size and font of your text throughout the creation process.

Mind mapping tehniques - keyword

5. Colors

Use different colors on your mind map. Colors allow you to order, differentiate, remember, and highlight parts of your map. They give life to your ideas and make your mind map unique and memorable. With Mindomo you can edit the color of the text, topic, border, lines, and the background.

6. Images

Use images throughout the mind map. Similarly to the central image, a picture stimulates imagination and creativity and helps a lot the memory. The images are the ultimate visual representations and you should use them to symbolize the keywords. Mindomo also has the option to add icons that have a similar purpose. There is a big variety and you can also search them by the keyword to find them quickly.

Mind mapping techniques – Applied

Follow these simple techniques and you will start to see the benefits of mind mapping. You will be convinced that a mind map is a great graphic organizer. There are big chances that you will wonder how you lived your life without it.

Mindomo is a mind mapping software that offers you all the features that you may need in your mind mapping journey. However, you don’t have to believe it until you see it. Try it now and bring your ideas to life. Let your imagination guide your creative hand!

Check out our video tutorial on how to create a mind map from A to Z using our tool:

Keep it smart, simple, and creative!
The Mindomo Team

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