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Run a Project Review in order to '''learn constructive and positive lessons''' from what went well and what could have gone better and to improve processes for the benefit of future projects. Keywords: project review, project management, project objectives, project improvements

Project retrospective

Begin the project retrospective mind map template by assessing the performance and identify the budget and requirements against deliverables, risks, and quality.

Evaluate the successes, reasons, and processes and think of what went well and what you'd like to repeat on future projects.

Afterwards, think of what could have gone better and identify the areas that need improvement. Consider the challenges, reasons, and processes you can make to prevent all these from happening on the next project.

Once you measured the highs and lows, reconsider the changes you can make, which may include project planning, redefining requirements, technical processes, etc.

The project review analyses the results achieved to date and defines whether or not the project has met the targets set. With this in mind, clearly define the next objectives that will support you in accomplishing the project and add the participants that will contribute to it.

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