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The Argument map template helps you visually represent the reasons and evidence for and against a statement or a claim. This template helps you clarify and organize the reasons and arguments of a statement to help you make the right decision or explain someone a situation from multiple perspectives, keeping an objective view of the matter.

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Argument map template

Argument Map Template

Use this argument map template to organize and present any argument visually. You have one side of the diagram with reasons and evidence. You can attach links, add images, videos, icons, notes, or even comments and documents there. You also have a dedicated space to add assumptions, support them, and add details

On the opposite side of the diagram. There are objections. Add all the objections and the counter-evidence, where you can also attach links, multimedia files, notes, and comments.

Use this template for any argument. You can also share it with collaborators and all of you to add their thoughts. This perspective will help anyone to understand the pros and cons in any argument, and it will help the decision-making process.


Add the starting statement or claim.


Write an argument or an objection that is against the statement.

Counter evidence

Support the objection by adding counterevidence.

Reason 2

Reason 1

Write a reason that supports the statement.

Assumption for Reason 1

Do you have an assumption regarding this reason? Write it here.

Support for Assumption

Support the assumption you've made by writing an argument.

More info

Add additional information.

(this is optional)

Evidence for Reason 1

Support the reason by adding evidence.

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