In a world where information flows endlessly, the ability to communicate ideas, plans, and concepts effectively has become more crucial than ever. Whether you’re managing a big project, brainstorming ideas, or trying to understand complex concepts, mastering the art of communication can make all the difference. This is where communication mind mapping and maps enter the stage as transformative tools that empower you to visualize, structure, and convey information seamlessly. With 90% of information transmitted…

Being able to communicate ideas effectively helps with all facets of life. Communicating ideas to your audience can either be a success or a failure. How those words come out in the message to any person can be a form of influence. There are also two types of communication to consider here. It’s necessary to have excellent communication in life in general. You want to portray your concepts while at the same time remaining concise.…

Did you know you can add video and audio files to your mind map as you summon your resources online?

Next time you’re planning a meeting and want to add more resources to the already sketched out meeting draft, make sure to include video and audio files within the mind map topics.

This is how it works if you want to include multimedia resources in your mind map:

To add a local video or audio file to your mind map

  • open the mind map
  • select a topic or subtopic, where you intend to have the video or audio file
  • click on the multimedia icon on the left toolbar and select the Upload button to add your video or audio file