Business trends are more focused than ever on identifying secure and efficient ways for online collaboration.  Small as well as large businesses thrive to expand their networking strategies, which at their turn demand better and more efficient means in the transferring of ideas, concepts, projects and even start up business plans.

Ok then, so what’s the better way to online collaboration?

One of the most efficient ways to collaborate online is facilitated by the use of mind mapping software.  Team members as well as collaborators can have an efficient experience collaborating on mind maps, since they can share their information in various ways, such as:

  • include video and audio files in the mind map

When developing training sessions for your employees or team members, you can share video files and audio recordings in order to better illustrate and communicate the information that you want to deliver.

  • upload local files on the mind map

When sharing information and feedback you want to be able to have a good grasp on all available resources.  As you collaborate with your team members or partners, you can upload local files on the mind map and thus provide quick access to documentation and immediate distribution of resources.

  • use multiple mind map layouts

Different types of information may require the use of different layouts.  You may not always know from the start the layout that best suits your project information.  However, being creative in how you want to present your information is always acceptable, as long as you keep the logical flow of activities.

  • create a presentation straight from the mind map

Having your project notes and strategies in the same place as the presentation adds more flexibility to your workflow.  You don’t have to switch back and forth between your project ideas and its corresponding presentation, you can directly create a presentation straight from the ideas you have already developed on the mind map.

  • assign tasks to team members

Clarity of project and task management is highly determined by the degree to which each team member has a clear understanding of the assigned task and the expectations required to complete the project successfully.

If you are only concerned with the results of your collaboration, using the right collaboration means may not represent a priority for your business or organization.  However, if you are just as preoccupied with the means as you are with the results, you are on your way to achieving not only great performance but also credibility for the long-run.  The means that an organization chooses to use when collaborating with other partners, or team members can contribute to establishing a  higher degree of trust, engagement and information sharing.  

What tools and means is your company using to enhance online collaboration?

Article by: Naomi Mihut
Copywriter and Client Relations Manager at Mindomo

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