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How to make a mind map online?

1. Start from a mind map template

Mindomo is an easy-to-use mind mapping software that helps you brainstorm and generate online mind maps effortlessly. Just click the “Create” button from the dashboard.

Then, choose a mind map template by browsing the use cases lists displayed on the left side of your screen.

Mind map templates

Explore various template categories for inspiration, or use the search bar to find what you need. The design and structure of the information are already in place – all that’s left is for you to fill in the placeholders.

Here are the top 6 mind map templates:

Daily Dashboard

Daily Dashboard

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

How to Write an Essay

How to write an essay Mind map

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Design a business plan

Design a business plan
As you explore these different templates, don’t forget to check out really cool mind map examples for additional inspiration and creative ideas.

2. Build your mind map from scratch

Didn’t find what you needed in our mind map examples or template lists? Create mind maps from the ground up and brainstorm using our mind mapping software. Add comments, documents, images, videos, audio files, icons, or links to compile all info in a compact layout.

Here is a step-by-step video guiding you through the process of creating mind maps:

How to create a mind map

3. Download or Share your mind maps

Once you’ve started working on your mind map, you can share it with collaborators to edit the visual diagram together in real time.

Share the link or add their account in the sharing settings for easy access. Premium users can export their mind map design in 20+ formats, including PNG, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDFs, other mind mapping file formats, etc. A printing option is also available.

Share Your Mind Map Online

Why Use Mind Maps Online?

Online vs offline mind mapping

Complex ideas need a simple structure to be successfully presented and easily understood. The best way to do so is by using an online mind mapping tool. Compared to the traditional mind maps drawn on a piece of paper, by using Mindomo, you can:

Access all your concepts anywhere you are from any device;
Instantly share your mind map for real-time collaboration with friends, colleagues, or team members;
Easily edit the colors, shapes, sizes, and fonts to match your vision;
Drag and drop topics for a more flexible organization;
Transform your mind maps to create presentations;
Convert your mind map into other diagrams like a concept map, Gantt chart, or outline;
Save time using the full-text search function without reading the map to find something;
Brainstorm, and add comments, images, videos, audio files, links, and icons to your mind maps.

To sum it up, using mind mapping software like Mindomo or using a mind map template beats brainstorming on paper.
Whether you are organizing information visually for project planning, or creative brainstorming, Mindomo offers a diverse platform to generate diagrams smoothly around your central topic.

What is Mind Mapping Software?

If you’re still wondering what is a mind map, keep on reading. A mind mapping tool is software that enables you to create beautiful diagrams illustrating concepts, ideas, or information in a visual format starting from a central concept and then branching out, expanding ideas into a visual hierarchy.

It’s a space where ideas collaborate, and so can you. Being a digital way of structuring information, you’ll be able to collaborate with other people and edit diagrams together. You can use a mind map tool for brainstorming online, organizing, planning, learning, decision-making, note-taking, and more.

Collaborate on mind map and timeline diagrams

What Makes Mindomo Mind Mapping Software Stand Out?

Curious about what sets our mind map maker apart? Mindomo, your go-to mind map website, provides real time collaborative mind mapping for both beginner and advanced users. Discover the features that elevate your mind mapping experience.

Effortless Mind Mapping: Quick and Intuitive

“Time is money”, they said. Ensure a smooth and simple creation process with this mind map maker, facilitating efficient idea organization. Add shapes, drag and drop the topics, use keyboard shortcuts, or find inspiration starting from mind map templates. You can create a mind map with a few clicks.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Mindomo works on multiple platforms:

Enjoy flexibility and remote work without any hassle. Plus, it’s available offline whenever a new idea comes to mind.

Real Time Collaboration

Shift from “my mind map” to “our mind map” to collaborate with more users. Share and edit mind maps in real time along with friends, colleagues, or team members. Mindomo also features a built-in chat, making communication with your team in the same space easy.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is super easy to navigate and collaborate, placing everything right where you need it. Access features using the arrow button in the top right corner of the selected topic, and customize it effortlessly using the arrow button in the top right corner for color, font, shape, size, style, tasks, etc.

Online-Offline Synchronization

Mindomo is more than a web based mind map maker. You can use mind mapping online (the browser version) and offline (using the Desktop version or the mobile app). When you don’t have an internet connection, you don’t have to lose time interrupting your work. Just create a mind map offline and sync everything later with one click.

Create Presentations

Presentation mode simplifies your workflow and eliminates the need for multiple apps. Easily showcase new ideas from your maps in a slideshow presentation format (similar to Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint). Use the presentation mode button to enhance your speech with visual support. This ensures your audience or your team follows you in explaining.


For schools, a mind map maker helps with seamless integration with learning management systems (Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, etc.). Similarly, integrating mind map templates with business apps like Office365 and G Suite enhances productivity for business users.

Add Images

Being a visual representation, feel free to add suggestive images. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, they said. Maximize your mind map’s potential by incorporating images from your computer or searching online without leaving the tool. You can also upload pictures from your preferred cloud storage service.

Add Videos

Diagrams and videos, both being visual elements, play a crucial role. Recognizing that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, videos serve as invaluable resources to enhance a mind map. Makes sense? Make your mind maps vibrant by easily adding videos from your computer or searching them directly on YouTube and Vimeo inside Mindomo.

Add Links

A mind map should be straightforward and beneficial, consolidating all information in one place. Incorporate links for additional assistance, ensuring organization and easy access to details with a clean map appearance when needed.

Add Notes

Mind maps typically use simple words and short phrases in topics. But, for complex problems or ideas requiring more elaboration, maintain a simple structure and imagine you add sticky notes. The advantage lies in these notes being accessible with a click, preserving the clean appearance of the diagram. For example, in a brainstorming session, utilize notes to prevent clutter and ensure the clarity of your map.

Add Icons

Find a range of icons for everything imaginable. Add them to your topics to convey a clearer meaning or to highlight different aspects. For instance, if you have a mind map about healthy relationships and you want to mention warning signs that indicate unhealthy or manipulative behavior as a counterexample, you can add red flag icons. Use icons to filter topics for quick access.

Free Accounts

To create free mind maps, use a free online mind map maker. Some tools provide trials with a limited time frame, while others offer free user accounts for unlimited time. With Mindomo, you can create a free account without any time related deadline or get the premium version with additional features.

Import Files

Make your maps more creative and customized by adding files from your computer. Moreover, you can import files from your favorite cloud storage service (Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox). Now it’s easier and more accessible to put all the things you need into a mind map.

Export Diagrams

Mindomo offers a broad spectrum of export options. You can select a mind map format, a Microsoft Excel format, or other popular ones. You can export your mind map in more than 20 export formats, including PDF, Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project), text file, OPML, image, HTML, and more.

Organize Projects

Manage projects effectively using folders. Use them to sort your maps so you can find them easily later on. A dedicated folder, “Shared with me,” automatically includes maps shared with you. Create as many folders as you like.

Playback History

An important feature, especially for teachers preparing assignments, is the playback history. It allows you to review every change made by team members on the map. This helps you assess their work and evaluate each member’s contribution. This functionality is equally valuable in a business setting for evaluating team contributions.

Full-Text Search

Your mind map starts with a central idea. Then, you continue to add more topics and subtopics and it can continue to infinity, depending on informationthe complexity of your idea. In this case, if you want to find a certain topic through all the , just type the word or phrase that you are looking for in the search box. You’ll find it instantly, without wasting precious time.

Are Mind Maps Effective? Advantages of Mind Mapping

Mind maps are super effective.

Better Comprehension: A mind map facilitates a better understanding of the concepts. It imitates the way our mind works. Thanks to its structure, your brain comprehends the ideas easier, seeing the overview as a mental image. A plain text, on the other hand, must be interpreted first. Afterward, the brain creates a mental image. In short, mind mapping makes a subject easier to understand.

Boost Imagination: Mind maps foster creativity. This technique uses keywords and images to create new associations in your brain. This activates your creative thinking, helping you discover more connections and generate fresh ideas. It is one of the fewest techniques that boosts your imagination like that.

Improve Memory: Visual learning is considered to be the most effective way to memorize information, and mind mapping, in particular, is considered a very efficient study technique. A mind map uses color coding, shapes, pictures, or key words as triggers for your brain. It’s easier to remember a diagram with new concepts in branches than to memorize plain text. That’s why this visual representation is great for education. In fact, research on mind maps shows they can increase learning and study efficiency by up to 15%.

Increase Efficiency: A mind map is an excellent tool to organize, manage, and plan projects. It helps structure ideas, even in complex situations, providing a clear overview of the subject that is easy to manage. This makes it a fantastic tool for business and project management.

Who Needs Mind Mapping?

1. Creators
Creative professionals, such as writers, designers, and marketing specialists, can use mind maps for brainstorming.

2. Managers
Managers can easily solve problems and upgrade their project planning by using mind maps to organize ideas, and sharing them with their team while monitoring progress.

3. Business persons
Mind map software can optimize business strategies, boost team collaboration, and streamline daily tasks and meetings.

4. Teachers
Teachers can structure courses or brainstorm online for assignments effortlessly by using a mind map template.

5. Students
Mind mapping is great for learning. Students and teams can use it for online note-taking, studying, preparing for an interview, and brainstorming an essay.

6. Consultants
Using a mind map makes it easier for both you and your customers when presenting ideas.

7. Researchers
Use a mind map to keep all the information in one place, regardless of the format (links, images, videos, documents, text, etc.)

Mindomo offers free accounts options, so why not use it for personal purposes? You can use them for planning travel, summarizing books, or fostering personal development.

Everyone Can Use Mind Maps
Start using a mind map today trying Mindomo. If you are looking for a mind map creator, create a free account and start exploring all the features. Unleash your creativity, capture ideas with ease, and enjoy the process.