Create your mind map online

Generate great ideas, plan, and organize information in the most efficient way: build your collaborative mind map online. Share it with your team members, friends, or colleagues and edit it together in real time. Start to build your diagrams online using free mind map software.

Mind map online software

How to make a mind map online?

1. Start from a template

Mindomo is a user-friendly mind mapping software that helps you create online mind maps with ease. All you have to do is click the “Create” button from the dashboard. Afterward, you can either choose a blank mind map or a mind map template from the various lists displayed on your screen. 

There are many categories of templates you can browse for inspiration, or you can use the search bar to find what you’re looking for. The design and the structure of the information are composed. All you need to do is to fill in the placeholders.

Here are the top 6 mind map templates:

Daily Dashboard

Weekly Planner

How to Write an Essay

Getting Things Done

Curriculum Vitae

Design a business plan

To edit one of the above templates, after you open them, click on the 3 lines menu, then click on “Copy and edit”. A copy of that mind map will open in edit mode.


2. Build your mind map from scratch

Create your own amazing mind maps from scratch using software for mind maps. Add your ideas and customize the layout and the design as you imagine. The possibilities are endless. Add documents, images, videos, audio files, icons, or links to have all the information you need in a compact design.

Here is a step-by-step video showing how to create a mind map:

Traditional Offline vs Modern Online mind mapping

Online vs offline mind mapping

Complex ideas need a simple structure to be successfully presented and easily understood. The best way to do so is by using an online mind mapping software. Compared to the traditional mind maps, drawn on a piece of paper, by using Mindomo you have the following advantages:

You can access all your maps anywhere you are;
You are able to share your mind maps and collaborate with friends or colleagues instantly;
It’s easy to edit the colors, shapes, sizes, and fonts exactly as you imagine;
You can simply drag and drop the topics to arrange them, while on a traditional map you need to squeeze new ideas;
You can add images, videos, audio files, links, and icons;
You save precious time using the full-text search function, without reading all the map to find something;
Turn your mind map directly into a presentation;
Turn your mind map into another diagram (concept map, Gantt chart, or outline).

In other words, using a mind mapping software is a better option than drawing a mind map on a piece of paper. It offers you multiple leverages and saves you precious time, adding great value at the same time.

What is a mind mapping software?

It can be an accelerator for great ideas, a time-management machine, and a mind stimulator.

A mind map tool is a software which allows you to create diagrams to represent your ideas visually. It’s a great tool for business, education, and personal life. You can use a mind map maker for a brainstorming session, organizing and planning, structuring information, decision making, note-taking, and more.

Basically, mind mapping tools are useful for anyone who wants to be efficient, productive, organized, creative, and have fun at the same time!

How to use a mind mapping software?

Mindomo is a mind map maker that makes the creation process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Even if you’re a beginner or an advanced mind map maker, you will love using Mindomo. It has many features and functionalities that are specially designed to enhance your experience:

Easy and fast

Everything works smoothly. “Time is money”, they said. This mind map maker makes the building process very simple. In addition, it helps you to do it fast, being as efficient as possible. Drag and drop the topics, use shortcuts from your keyboard, find inspiration in a mind map template.

Available anywhere, anytime

Mindomo is a multi-platform software. In other words, you can use it from your PC/laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux), tablet, or mobile phone (Android, iOS). You have all the flexibility and working remotely is not a problem anymore. Moreover, you can also work offline. You never know when great ideas cross your mind.

Collaborate with others

Pass from “my mind map” to “our mind map” because more minds can work better than one. Share your mind maps with friends or colleagues and edit it in real time along with them. In addition, there is a chat incorporated in Mindomo. Instead of writing to each team member separately, you can all communicate there.

Intuitive inrterface

The interface is user friendly. In other words, you have everything right where you need it. On the left side of your screen, there are many features that can be added to your map. Moreover, each topic has an arrow button in the top right corner where you can customize color, font, shape, size, style, etc.

Online-offline synchronization

Mindomo is more than a web based mind map tool. You can use mind mapping online (the web based version) and offline (using the Desktop version or the mobile app). When you don’t have an internet connection you don’t have to lose time interrupting your work. Just create your mindmaps offline and sync everything later with one click.

Create presentations

Presentation mode saves you from using different apps and wasting time. When you have complex ideas illustrated in your maps you can show them easily in a presentation format. It is a great visual support for your speech. Use the presentation mode button and start organizing your slides.


A mind map has so many different uses. For example, when you use it for school it’s important to be able to integrate your mind map maker with learning management systems (Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, etc). Similarly, you can integrate it with apps you may use for business, for instance, Office365, G Suite etc.

Different visual representations

With Mindomo you can do more than just free online mind mapping. You can turn your mind map into a concept map, Gantt chart, or an outline with one click. And it works both ways. In other words, you can illustrate your ideas visually using one of these 4 representations and convert them into another.


Find inspiration in a mind map template and customize it as you prefer. There is a big variety of templates for many different purposes. Find all of them in your dashboard, starting from a brainstorming session, to-do list to problem solving and wedding planner. Use a mind map template or create your own map from scratch.

Add images

Being a visual representation, feel free to add suggestive images. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, they said. Use the maximum potential of your mind map and add images from your computer. Moreover, you can search them directly from Mindomo or import them from your favorite cloud storage service.

Add videos

One of the best parts of online mind mapping is that you can easily add videos. They are one of the most powerful visual representations, having so much information in them. You can add them from your computer or directly search them on Youtube and Vimeo. Moreover, you can paste the link to any video. This way you bring your maps to life.

Add links

A mind map is supposed to be simple and it has to be helpful, keeping all the information together. Add any link that helps you on your mind map, this way you’ll have everything in one place. Also, you’ll be more organized and you’ll find more details when you click on it, but your map will still look clean.

Add notes

Usually, a mind map has simple words and short phrases in the topics. But when you have complex ideas you want to add more information to explain them. However, you want the specific simple structure at the same time. In this case, you can add a note. For example, do it when you are in the middle of a brainstorm. This way you won’t have a crowded map.

Add icons

You have a big variety of icons available for everything you can imagine. Add them when to your topics to give a clearer meaning, or to mark different aspects. For instance, add a green flag to your favorite ideas of a brainstorming session. You have all the icons categorized to be easier to find the right one. You can also search icons by keywords instead of scrolling through the list.

Free account

To create free mind maps you need a free online mind map maker. There are tools that offer trials (a limited number of days when you can use it) or free accounts (unlimited). With Mindomo you can create a free account which doesn’t have any deadline. However, it also has a premium version which offers many more features. Thus, you don’t have any time limitations and you can use your account for free.

Import files

Make your maps more creative and customized by adding files from your computer. Moreover, you can import files from your favorite cloud storage service (Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox). Now it’s easier and more accessible to put all the things you need into a mind map.

Export files

Mindomo offers a large pallet of options when it comes to the export format. You can select a mind map format, a Microsoft Excel format, or other popular ones. You are able to export your mind map in the following other formats: PDF, Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project), text file, OPML, image, HTML, etc.

Organize in folders

Your mind maps are organizing graphical tools, so your list of them should be organized too! Create folders to sort your maps and find them easily later on. You already have a folder named “Shared with me” where all the maps shared with you are included automatically. Create as many folders as you need.

Playback history

A great feature, especially for teachers who give assignments, is the playback history. This way you are able to see exactly the changes each team member made on the map. Therefore you can evaluate their work and note all of them according to their contribution. In business, it’s very useful as well.

Full text search

Your mind map starts with a central idea. Then, you continue to add more topics and subtopics and it can continue to infinity, depending on informationthe complexity of your idea. In this case, if you want to find a certain topic through all the , just type the word or phrase that you are looking for in the search box. You’ll find it instantly, without wasting precious time.

More ways to sign up

Sign up easy and fast using your current accounts on other popular platforms. For instance, you can sign up with Facebook, Yahoo, Office365, Windows live, etc. Select your option and you will be redirected to the identity provider that you chose.

Benefits of creating a mind map

Better comprehension: A mind map facilitates a better understanding of the concepts. It imitates the way our mind works. Thanks to its structure, your brain comprehends the ideas easier, seeing the overview as a mental image. A plain text, on the other hand, must be interpreted first. Afterward, the brain creates a mental image. In short, mind mapping makes a subject easier to understand.

Boosts the imagination: A mind map fosters creativity. This technique uses keywords and images to create new associations in your brain. This way, your imagination is activated and you can find more connections generating fresh ideas. It is one of the fewest techniques that boosts your imagination like that.

Improves memory: Visual learning is considered the best when it comes to remembering information. A mind map uses colors, shapes, images, or keywords that act as triggers for your brain. It’s easier to remember a diagram with branches and child branches than to memorize a plain text. This is why this type of visual representation is great for education. Researchers have proven the efficiency of mind mapping as a study technique.

Better management: A mind map is a great organizing and planning tool. It helps you structure information and it simplifies it even if it is very complicated. It offers you a great overview of the subject and you can easily manage it. It makes an amazing tool for business and project management.

Who needs mind mapping?

1. Creators
Creative jobs (for instance writers, designers, marketing specialists, etc.) can use a mind map for brainstorming.

2. Managers
Managers can upgrade the project planning method using a mind map to organize their ideas and share it with their team, monitoring their progress.

3. Business persons
Business meetings, decision making, to-do lists, and all the necessary daily duties can be eased with a mind map.

4. Teachers
Structuring courses, online collaborative assignments, and many more can be presented as a mind map.

5. Students
Mind mapping is great for learning. For example students can use it for online note-taking, studying, preparing for an interview, or structuring an essay.

6. Consultants
It’s easier for you and for your customers to present your ideas to them by using a mind map.

7. Researchers
Use your mind map to keep all the information in one place, regardless of the format (links, images, videos, documents, text, etc.)

Absolutely everyone can use a mind map for personal purposes: for instance, for travel plans, book summaries, or personal development.

Start using a mind map today trying Mindomo. If you are looking for a free online mind map maker, create a free account and start exploring all the functionalities. Unleash your creativity, capture ideas with ease, and enjoy the process!