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Gantt Chart Maker for Efficient Project Planning

Every project needs a plan. Choose an efficient way of working: a Gantt chart maker. It is the simplest solution when it comes to project planning. Organize your tasks, collaborate in real-time with your team and monitor the progress.

An easy-to-use Gantt chart creator


Online-offline synchronization

Simple to use

Free to start

Turn mind maps into Gantt charts

Cross-platform tool

Mindomo allows you to easily create your own professional-looking Gantt chart even if you are a beginner. Due to the blank Gantt chart template, it’s easy and fast to understand how to create and use this diagram.

All you need to do is open the template, add your tasks, and then fill out the predefined columns. The bars will be automatically placed on the timeline to give you a visual perspective of your tasks.

An easy-to-use Gantt chart creator

What is a Gantt chart and what is its purpose?

A Gantt chart is a graphical tool used to plan, schedule, and track the tasks of a project. It contains one side with a series of horizontal bars used to display the tasks in a timeline for a certain period of time.

The Gantt chart also illustrates the dependencies between the tasks and the amount of work done. Moreover, the other side of the chart contains a table with more details, such as the responsible person, the priorities, and the milestones of a project.

Why use a Gantt chart maker?

A Gantt chart is the simplest way to create and manage your project. There are many task management solutions, but a Gantt chart is the most suitable one for complex projects.

Why is a Gantt chart creator better than other project management software?

Firstly, when you create a Gantt chart you see two different parts in one diagram:

the left side contains a table with tasks and details;
the right side shows the project timeline and the graphical representation of the tasks that help time tracking for each task.

Secondly, it’s very easy to collaborate in real-time with your team members. It is professionally designed to improve project planning.

Plan and schedule tasks using a Gantt chart tool

Set tasks and subtasks

The main reason you are looking for project management software is to simplify work. When you have a complex project, the simplest way to plan it is to break it into pieces. Start by dividing the big goal into manageable tasks and subtasks and save precious time.
Gantt Chart expand tasks and subtasks

Turn a diagram into a Gantt chart in 2 seconds

A huge advantage of using Mindomo is that you can create a Gantt chart by creating a mind map first. Compared to a regular chart maker like MS Project, Mindomo gives you the possibility to create many types of graphic representations. Create a mind map diagram, make a brainstorming session to gather all the information, and with one click, turn it into a Gantt chart.

A Gantt chart in Excel is just a table, while Mindomo has all the visual representations that you can use: mind maps, concept maps, and outlines. Turn them into Gantt charts and vice-versa.

There are many business mind maps that can help you in your business projects.

Mind maps, Concept maps, Outlines, and Gantt charts

Moreover, you can use Mindomo to create even more types of diagrams, such as kanban boards, fishbone diagrams, logic charts, timelines, organigrams, etc.

Set dates and add dependencies between tasks

You have multiple options to schedule tasks using Mindomo:

add a start date and an end date for each task;

add a start date and the duration to each task;

add dependencies between tasks; the dependences show you how tasks overlap and relate with one another. On the right side of the Gantt chart, you have the visual timeline. Drag bars to the timeline to change the time, change the duration of a task by changing its size, and connect it to another task to create dependence.

Set dates and add dependencies between tasks

Everything is right where you need it

Thanks to the dual structure of the Mindomo Gantt chart template you have all the necessary information in one app! On the left side, you can find a table similar to a Gantt chart in Excel.

You have all the tasks and milestones, dates, completion, priority level, and the team members who have to accomplish the assignments. Moreover, on the right side, you can see a visual representation.

Because Mindomo is not just a chart maker you have a task bar for each task and subtask. These bars show you which activity has to start, is currently ongoing or already finished, and the task dependencies.

You also have a comment section where you can attach files that give more details about the way it has to be done. Everything you need is in one place, very easy to find.

Gantt chart maker key elements

Work offline on your Gantt charts

Creating your Gantt charts online is great, but when you work remotely or you don’t have an internet connection things change. Mindomo is the best of both worlds: offline and online Gantt chart maker.

Work offline and sync all the changes after with one click. In one second you have everything synchronized and you don’t have to lose precious time. Mindomo gives you all the flexibility you need to support project planning.

Set dates and add dependencies between tasks

Share and collaborate with your team in real-time

Collaborate with your team and edit in real-time

Invite all your team members and stakeholders to collaborate and create simple Gantt charts online. Everyone can see all the updates in real-time and contribute. Moreover, the time tracking of every task is accessible due to the project timeline and the bars. You know exactly the stage of all the tasks. When someone edits the Gantt chart you can see it instantly. This way there are fewer misunderstandings and confusions.

Discuss with your team using the live chat

When you open your Gantt chart template you can notice the chat icon on the bottom right corner. You can communicate in real-time with all the people you shared your project with. In addition, you can see who is connected and who isn’t. Ask questions or give suggestions without involving a third-party software. This is one of the greatest advantages of creating your Gantt charts online.

Use email notifications

Another leverage of creating your Gantt charts online is the email notifications. It is an important feature to be up to date with everything. All the members of your team are being updated with these notifications when tasks are assigned, due, overdue or completed. Similarly, the notifications appear when there are new comments, files or any other important changes that help them stay connected and updated.

Manage your team

You are able to assign tasks to your coworkers and everyone knows exactly what to do. Keep everything simple and organized to ease everyone’s duties. Everyone can see their own tasks separately. However, every team member can see all the task dependencies and who is responsible for each task.
Add attachments that help with the completion of tasks and milestones.

Oversee the progress

Monitor the progress of your Gantt chart tasks or outline

Manage workloads

A basic Gantt chart in Excel can’t show you too many details. However, Mindomo offers the great benefit of improving resource management. Because you can see exactly the project tasks and the person who is in charge of each one, you can measure and distribute the workload easily. Moreover, you can be more realistic about time tracking and understand if you need more staffing.

Track the progress

With Mindomo’s Gantt chart template you can track the progress with ease. You have the full history of changes, so you can see what everyone did and when. Moreover, all the updates are instant. You are always keeping up to date with the evolution of your project without scheduling meetings or sending another email.

Cross-platform Gantt chart creator

Mindomo is a platform-independent chart maker. It is professionally designed to work perfectly on multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). You have the flexibility to monitor your progress from any device you prefer. In other words, you can create a Gantt chart from a PC, laptop, or a tablet.

Features – Mindomo Gantt chart maker

Set schedule: add the due dates to all your tasks for a better time tracking. Use the calendar and the “Duration” column will be automatically updated.

Automatic project scheduling: unlike a Gantt chart in Excel, Mindomo has task bars which are automatically updated after you set the dates. You can view the graphic on the right side.

Set milestones: when you create a Gantt chart, it’s important to set milestones. Select them with only one click and they will be graphically represented by a diamond.

Connecting tasks: set the task dependencies. Click on a task bar. Hold the mouse on the black dot, drag and drop it to another task to create a connection between them.

Assign your tasks: distribute the tasks. Being an efficient project planning software, Mindomo allows you to assign every task to one or more team members.

Change view: create a Gantt chart starting from a mind map, concept map, or outline. Convert any of these into another. Make the most out of the structure flexibility.

Real-time collaboration: work along with your team and see all the updates instantly. You can work together even when you are at a distance without any problems.

Chat: the Gantt chart template includes a chat for each project. Communicate effortlessly with all your team without using another tool. Keep everything in one app.

Email notifications: get email notifications that keep you up to date with your project. You can set them for any important changes, comments, or progress of your tasks.

Online-offline synchronization: unlike a regular online Gantt chart software, Mindomo can be used offline and with one click you can sync all your work. Save precious time and be productive anytime.

Export: you can export your Gantt chart in mind map formats, Microsoft Excel formats, or multiple other formats, for instance: PDF, DOCX, TXT, OPML, MXP, or XML).

Add comments: add notes, reviews, or guidelines in the comment panel. Have all the important information there to make it easy for you to find them.

Attach files: upload multimedia files on the comment panel from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Add any piece of information that helps.

Ease of usage: Mindomo is professionally designed to be easy to use and as efficient as possible. It is user-friendly and with one click or drag and drop you can edit almost anything.

Time tracking: with the Gantt chart made with Mindomo, time tracking is not a problem anymore. Improve your time management and plan your projects efficiently.

How to use Mindomo?

Mindomo is a freemium Gantt chart software. All you need to do to try it is to sign up for free. Go on the dashboard, click on Create and select Gantt Chart.

Start to plan your project and make the most out of the software’s functionalities. Create simple Gantt charts in minutes and be more productive. Find out more about how to create a Gantt chart in this video: