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Unleash your creative power, become more organized, and boost your memory by creating mind maps! Get your thoughts on a visual form using a mind map website.

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Easy to use mind map website

Structure your thoughts into a mind map easily and fast. Share your web based mind map with friends or colleagues and edit it together in real time.

Structure information and represent your ideas visually. Why? It’s easier for your brain to capture ideas in a mind map format to analyze data, and understand and memorize the information. Customize the mind maps by adding notes, links, icons, images, videos, and audios from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and your own PC. Search any of those on Google, YouTube, or Vimeo directly from Mindomo.

Online is handy and safe. The web based version of Mindomo autosaves all your maps on the cloud. You don’t have to worry about losing your work or constantly stressing out about manually saving them from time to time. Focus your energy on the creation and let the mind mapping software do the rest!

The user-friendly interface of Mindomo helps you build it and customize it like a pro in minutes. You have all the tools disposed of on your dashboard in order to ease your experience.

Build mind maps

Build your mind map in 5 simple steps

Create visually stunning and practical mind maps following these five simple steps:

  1. START: Choose a template from our big variety or open a blank mind map.
  2. MAIN IDEAS: Write all the important ideas, points, and pieces of information on the topics and subtopics.
  3. AESTHETIC: improve your visual map using images, videos, and GIFs (from your PC or directly searching via Mindomo on Google, YouTube, and Vimeo). Moreover, use our collection of icons and images or add links, notes, or audio files for additional information.
  4. PRESENTATION MODE: Turn your mind map into an original presentation. Choose the slides, and their order and you have an amazing presentation with a few clicks.
  5. EXPORT: Either have all your maps saved on our cloud or export your map into over 20 formats, such as PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Image, etc.

Collaborate with others

Build your mind map along with your team members, friends, or colleagues. Create a mind map and share it with them instantly.

➤ Collaboration: The real time collaboration feature allows you to work simultaneously on your map. Because teamwork makes the dream work, Mindomo built many functionalities to support your cooperation.

➤ Share: Easily share your mind maps with others and select the role that you want to assign to each person. You can either let the default setting (to edit the map) or you can choose to allow a user to only view and copy the map.

➤ Shared team folder: Create a shared team folder where all the mind maps will be instantly shared with all your team members. When you constantly work with your team it’s more convenient to use this feature.

➤ Chat: Communicate with your team instantly using the chat. Each mind map has its own chat where you can send messages for better collaboration. You don’t need a third party app or to waste time with emails.

➤ Email notifications: Set email notifications to stay on track with the progress of your map. You can be notified whenever the tasks are assigned, overdue, completed, or due. Also, you can receive notifications for due dates, new task comments, and updates.

➤ Task assignment: Keep everything organized and assign the tasks to the responsible ones. This way everyone knows what to do and you can have a better overview of the progress.

➤ Guest editing: Share mind maps with people who don’t have a Mindomo account, for example, your friends or colleagues. They can use the premium features even if they are not registered or they have a free mind mapping account.

➤ Full history of changes: Stay up to date with each member’s contribution to the map. You can see a full history of all changes that have been made and the member who did each change. Moreover, you can also see the date and time.

More than your average mind map website

Broaden your perspectives transforming your mind maps into different diagram layouts.

Mindomo is more than a regular mind map maker. It allows you to turn your mind maps into concept maps, outlines, and Gantt charts with only one click. And vice-versa. Explore this functionality by representing your ideas visually in the most suitable format.

Start with a brainstorm for example, and when you have all the ideas, turn the map into a Gantt chart. This way you can bring your project to life. Now you have a project planning layout without using a third party app, not to mention that you save precious time. Create all these diagrams with Mindomo.

Concept Map

The benefits of concept maps in business

Logic chart

Create a mind map logic chart


Mindomo timeline updates


Mind map website - organigram example


Outline mind map tool

Gantt chart

Gantt Chart mind map tool

Customize your mind maps

Capture ideas into practical mind maps and customize them to have an appealing look. With Mindomo there are unlimited possibilities for creating unique mind map designs and combinations of elements. For each diagram you can customize the following features:
Mindomo templates


Start with one of the hundreds of templates available on Mindomo’s gallery to get inspired and modify it as you wish.



Choose a predefined theme or create your own one. Save it in the theme editor and use it again in the future.

mind map website layouts


Change the layout of your mind maps. You can also drag and drop topics to position them how you prefer.

customizable background for mind maps


Customize the background color. You can also add a texture (squares, lines, bricks, etc) or an image.

Customize text style and fonts


Personalize the text. Differentiate different topic levels by the text font, color, style, or size.

Topic Border


Mindomo’s mind maps are 100% customizable, and so are the topics. Change the border’s color, thickness, and shape.

Line type


Multiple line types: straight, arc, rough, curve, elbow, rounded elbow, angle, angle elbow, or no line at all.

Color customization


Change the color of the topics, lines, borders, text, background. Use different colors to distinguish categories or main topics.

Topic shapes


There is a big variety of topic shapes: rectangle, rounded rectangle, elliptic rectangle, circle, oval, line, capsule, parallelogram, and many more.

Insert elements into your mind maps

Enrich the content of your diagrams by adding visual elements. 



Upload icons and images from your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or search for them on Google directly from Mindomo.

Upload videos to your mind maps


Use the online mind mapping software to search directly onYouTube and Vimeo or upload video files.

insert and record audio files into your mind maps


Record your speech directly on your map or use an existing audio file to add more valuable information.

Add hyperlinks


Add links to any website and have all the information in one place. You will have a small clickable icon that will redirect you to that website.

Add notes to your mind maps


Keep a nice and simple look of the map and add more information at the same time. Use the note functionality.

Math formulas


You can add any math formula in your notes using the LaTeX standard.

Why choose Mindomo as your mind map website?

There are many reasons why to use mind mapping. There are so many benefits of this technique, such as learning faster, understanding the information easier, developing creativity, and more.

1. Unleash your creative power

Let your imagination reach its full potential. One of the most important advantages of mind mapping is that it boosts creative thinking and allows you to generate new ideas.

Thanks to its structure, it imitates the way the human brain thinks, popping ideas. Moreover, humans are creative creatures and they find solutions to situations that may seem to be difficult.

Mind maps are great tools for brainstorming sessions, vision boards, problem solving, and more.

Enhance your creativity by illustrating your ideas visually by using images and different colors when you build your mind maps. This way you are not only using the left side of the brain (which is more logical). You also activate the right side of your brain, which is the creative side.

Two sides of your brain - Mind map

2. Work on the go

Plan, structure, organize any kind of event, project, plan, or piece of information. A mind mapping software is your best friend when you have to do anything related to organization, time management, or projects.

Save precious time and work from anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of the online-offline synchronization functionality offered by Mindomo.

You can work online on the website, but you can also download the mind map app for mobile (iOS and Android) or Desktop (Mac, Windows and Linux). The apps work offline and you can work remotely even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Sync everything with one click with your online account and you end up being very efficient. Explore the hundreds of templates available that can guide and inspire you for work.

There are templates that help you plan a business meeting, to-do lists, plan a website, swot analysis, marketing plans, and many more. Get started to improve your working methods!

Download Mindomo Desktop

3. Boost memory and understanding

Train your brain to perform like a champion. Increase your understanding and memorizing skills by structuring information into mind maps. Their structure makes it easier to understand complicated information compared to any plain text.

Creating categories and breaking down into pieces helps your mind see it this way. It also allows you to notice how each category is connected to the other. The association of the topics helps your mind remember them easier.

Likewise, this structure helps you remember information, especially if you are using images, colors or different sizes of the text. Visual learning is the best way to study, being practiced in education for so long.

Study for your exams, structure your courses, learn a new subject or language, etc.

Visual learning facts mind map

Start your mapping journey with Mindomo

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