What to expect of our new Desktop app? A complete mind mapping experience. Easy installation, the same interface as in the online version, diversified map layouts, and no limitations on importing and exporting files. Last but not least, a stand-alone license that gives you lifetime access to premium functionality.

What’s new?

  1. Concept maps, task maps and outlines. The upgraded version lets you create concept maps, task maps and outlines, and upload them in the cloud for easy sharing.

  2. Adobe Air independent. Yes, we said goodbye to the Adobe Air dependency. Installing and upgrading the Desktop is now quicker and simpler.
  3. Full import and export functionality. Import and export without limitations as MindManager, Freemind, Mindmeister, XMind, Bubbl.us, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Text, OPML, MPX, HTML, ZIP, PNG, XLS.

  4. Stand alone licensing. One-time purchase gives you lifetime access to unlimited maps and topics, and 1-year free updates and support.
  5. Improved PDF export. We fixed all export issues that occurred in the older Desktop when saving a map as PDF.
  6. Refreshed UI to match the online version. The new app comes with an intuitive Dashboard and reorganized, easy-to-access functionality.

If you want to uniquely combine working offline with editing and collaborating online, give the new Desktop a try. Oh, and you might want to take advantage of our special launching offer – a lifetime Desktop Premium license for only $29.
If you have any feedback or questions about the special offer, feel free to use the comments section below.

Keep it smart, simple, and creative!
The Mindomo Team


  1. Baran Kaypakoglu Reply

    Mindomo is one of the best out there. But there are some very simple bugs that keep me from making a purchase. In the mind map view I change the duration or completion percentage of a task, and bam! an error comes up.

  2. Hi ! Is there a search feature within a map? Within several maps? Astonished to not find this feature, did I miss something?


  3. Dear Mindomo Team,
    if we have an Education Account and the teacher creates an assignement that allows students (with free account)to work individually on their map, than, can each student (or even the teacher) share the maps with another student and allow him to modify the map? Thanks in advance

    • Hi, Fabrizio! Sharing is possible but if all students have free Mindomo accounts, they will encounter that 3-mind map limitation (they can only create/edit up to 3 maps). For unlimited sharing, I would say that a Classroom package is the best idea – both the teacher and students have fully premium accounts (each can create/edit unlimited maps).

  4. Your desktop version doesn’t give an option to choose a directory other than C:\Program Files (x86) where it installs itself automatically once the user runs mindomo.exe, which seems to be designed like that deliberately. An unprofessional and bad practice to say the least since there’s no explanation as to why it is so.

    I normally uninstall applications behaving in such a way even before opening them once they are installed.

    Some users prefer to opt for another directory not located in C drive. Why have you made it so rigid? I personally find behaviors like this suspicious no matter if the antivirus programs flag the application as clean. You may be assuming that nobody knows how to install a program.

    Would you please provide a reason why or offer a version with better control during installation?

    • Hi, Leo. We chose this type of installer specifically to make it easy for users to install and get started with app. Moreover, it is quite a common and recommended practice to install applications on C:\Program Files (x86) when using Windows.

      • Thank you, but your response doesn’t provide an alternative for those who really want or use their own understanding of installing to wherever they deem better.

        In my opinion –and this could be the opinion of many users– you should at least provide an installer that gives an option for location. Many programs do, including the majority of respectable and mainstream applications out there. Indeed, in my 25+ years dealing with IT I have only found 3 or 4 programs using your model. I have decided to not install any of them. In fact, if you insist in your approach it could be interpreted as a cause for more suspicions, clearly a non-professional business practice preventing me from recommending your software to my company and friends.

        Moreover, not giving the user the option of an alternative installer with install location control would be difficult to understand whether it is a matter of your own will, or a technical impediment that you are unable to resolve.

        Your further explanation would be welcome.

        • I mostly, but strongly agree, its easy to just add a button to [Change Folder] without confusing users, they see that everywhere anyway ! people who don’t want to are accustomed to skipping this step when they see it, REALLY !

  5. Hi, I am a longtime user of Mindomo, and have been recomending it for my High Education students. The new desktop version is nice but there are some things that are worse than before in the free version.

    Previously we could
    -open any number of maps online and
    -sync them instantaneously. Now we have to dowload the map, open it and sync it with online.
    Why is it not possible to open online without downloading like before?
    In the free version, if cannot download and sync more than three maps? Even if we have more than one account?

    Salut and keep the good work

  6. Hi! I have a question about offer – what about syncing maps across devices and with web? Plan says unlimited are only local maps and not web maps, and map syncing is not unlimited map syncing. How many maps can I sync? I.e. if I am on free plan with 3 maps – will I be able to sync only 3 maps?

    • Hi, Aris. Yes, if you are using a free online account, you will be able to sync up to 3 maps. To sync unlimited maps, you should be using a subscription-based Desktop license. So, by purchasing any of our premium online subscriptions, you can also use the subscription-based Desktop and sync unlimited maps.

  7. Hello, I am already a premium subscriber, how do I take advantage of the lifetime version of Mindomo Desktop 8.0? Do I need to purchase the $29.00 option again?

    • No, Cody, your current premium account gives you access to the subscription-based Desktop license. All you have to do is download Mindomo 8.0 > open the app > go to the ? icon in the left toolbar> License Info > Activate with your online subscription > add your email and password from Mindomo. You can check out our Help Guide.

  8. David Love Reply

    I like your product but does it allow for attachments in the same way that Mindmanager does?

  9. David Love Reply

    I do use Mindomo but until you allow for attachments in the same way that Mindmanager does, I won’t upgrade.

  10. Your offer is unclear wrt your pricing page. e.g., “LIFETIME Desktop Premium license for only 29$” But normal pricing indicates semi-annual subscription payments.

    I assume that the current special $29 offer buys me the right to use only the current version “for a lifetime”, and if I ever want to upgrade it I will have start using the $36/6mo ($72/yr) subscription plan. IS THIS CORRECT?
    I tend to be very wary of obfuscated pricing in “deals”,

    • Yes, the 29$ purchase gives you lifetime access to Desktop Premium and the following functionality:

      – creation of unlimited mind maps with unlimited map topics
      – creation of mind maps, concept maps and outlines
      – task management with mind maps
      – exporting and importing maps in a great variety of formats (MindManager, Freemind, Mindmeister, XMind, Bubbl.us, PDF, DOCX, PPT, TXT, OPML, ZIP, PNG, XLS)
      – searching images and videos on the internet
      – free updates and support from our team in the first year. Afterwards, you can upgrade the license for 36 USD/year if you want access to any new updates and support.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions, I’ll gladly help.

  11. Still no mention of improving the saving of images so that they are of a resolution that is readable. Frankly without this ability the interface is terminally flawed, in my opinion.

    • Hi, Louise. We’d like to know more about the functionality you mentioned – the images you want to save and some details about the readable resolution. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  12. It’s not often I click into an offer and find myself impressed so quickly. Your app runs like a fine tuned engine on my Macbook Pro. It is exactly what I need. I pounded this thing for 30 minutes. No bugs and rock solid performance. Very intuitive app. I love it.

  13. Dylan Bernder Reply

    Been waiting for this for ages!How can I benefit from the special offer?

    • Hi, Dylan. Go to our homepage, click on the Buy Button and you’ll see the offer in the middle column – it’s available until the 30th of September.

  14. This sounds good. I already use the desktop with my plan. Does this new license version also have the same functionality as the current desktop version ie PRESENTER mode?

    • Hi there, Jay. Yes, we kept all key functionality, including the Presenter. Still, you’ll have new things to try like concept map, outline and task map creation. Let us know if you need any help.

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