How do you handle all the information that comes your way these days?
What does it mean to manage information effectively? Is it more important to keep the information or yourself organized?

An organized mind guarantees that thoughts and ideas are organized as well.  Keeping a mind organized is a matter of will, time and skill.

Translated into more practical steps, to stay organized you have to:

  • maintain your desire to be organized

  • be committed on a daily basis to plan wisely

  • train your mind to stay focused

  • identify the tools that work best for you

The daily choices we make represent the best assessment that we could possibly have regarding our mindset and lifestyle. At the end of the day, we can look back and see the results of our choices, which are a reflection of our thinking patterns and actions.

An organized schedule will not ensure that your actions will be organized as well, it will only support your already made decision to “become more focused and organized”.

Not all people can handle living or working according to a fixed schedule or plan.  In fact, some of us, may feel trapped when asked to follow a specific schedule or task.  Nevertheless, even people who don’t seem to follow a specific schedule have their own way of keeping themselves motivated and focused on what they have to accomplish.

What’s the setting or context that motivates you to stay focused? Here are some thoughts:

  • identify the plan of action that works best for you

  • stay close to people and things that inspire and motivate you

  • nurture the thoughts that are repetitive and valuable for your work

An organized action plan is the result of an organized mind that has developed a powerful mindset, where even the most random ideas can be used to accomplish efficient personal and work results.

To be able to develop an action plan that is well organized and has clearly defined tasks, one has to:

  • use the right tools for information management

  • have a clear understanding of project objectives

  • choose wisely the experts in charge of each project task

  • keep a panoramic view of project progress

An organized lifestyle does not mean that everyone has to be organized in the same way, it means that each one of us should aim at being organized beyond the limits of our own potential.  Whenever we talk about lifestyle we also have to refer to the most essential aspects that characterize us:

  • the habits that shape our behavior

  • the behavior that mirrors our actions

  • the actions that follow our mindset

  • the mindset that dictates our perspective on life

  • the perspective on life that influences our habits, actions, and mindset

I don’t know exactly where you are at in your “personal organizing” style, what I can say is that if you’re not yet satisfied with what you’ve done so far, you may want to join the challenge of changing your mindset on things and everything else will follow from it.

If you can share with us what motivates you to stay organized and focused, we would love to hear from you.

Looking forward to your feedback,

Naomi Mihut

Client Relations Manager

The Mindomo Team

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