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This template helps you to organise your studies and learn effectively. Refer to the article 'How to Study with Mindomo' for a full description and study tips.

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Effective studying


This template is designed to help you with studying for an exam or qualification. The ideas behind it are described in this article together with tips and suggestions for study techniques.
Begin by typing in the name of the subject that you are studying.


The rest of the map (outside the Dashboard and baseline) is for Mind Mapping or Concept Mapping your notes and summaries. If you use multiple maps, make links to them from this one.

Mind map name and URL

Knowledge baseline

Map out what you already know about this subject. This will help you to connect new learning with previous knowledge.


Resources library

Add resources that will help your studies in the topics below.

Opportunities to share

What opportunities might exist for you to share your knowledge with others?


What other research might be helpful? Are there related subjects that would help with your studies of this one?

Related subjects

What communities exist around this subject that you could join and learn from? Think about online groups, professional associations, special interest groups, or societies.


Who can help you with this subject? Think about lecturers, tutors, experienced colleagues, other students, or people who have taken this qualification before.



Past papers

Try to find previous test papers, and read them early to understand how the syllabus is interpreted.

Test paper

If you have been given a reading list, map it out below, and add any other relevant publications such as professional journals, published papers, conference proceedings, webinars, and other books.



The 'dashboard' topic holds useful information to help organise your studies. It is separate from the notes themselves.


Map out the syllabus for this subject in the tree below. If you have not received a syllabus, make sure you get a copy.


What are the deadlines for your studies? Add information about exam dates, new projects to start or changes to make.


What are your purposes for this study? What will you be able to do when it is completed successfully?


What are your goals in studying this subject? Are you aiming to pass an exam or gain a qualification? Write it down with target grades if they are important to you.


Varför använda en Mindomo mind map-mall?

Tankekartor hjälper dig att brainstorma, skapa relationer mellan begrepp, organisera och generera idéer.

Mallar för mind maps är dock ett enklare sätt att komma igång, eftersom de är ramverk som innehåller information om ett specifikt ämne med vägledande instruktioner. I grund och botten är mind map-mallar en struktur som kombinerar alla element i ett specifikt ämne och fungerar som en utgångspunkt för din personliga mind map. De är en resurs som ger en praktisk lösning för att skapa en mind map om ett visst ämne, antingen för företag eller utbildning.

Mindomo ger dig smarta mind map-mallar som gör att du kan fungera och tänka utan ansträngning.

En mall har olika funktioner:

Beskrivande ämnen

Ämnen med bakgrundstext


Ta bort malldata

Du kan välja mellan en mängd olika mind map-mallar från Mindomos konton för företag eller utbildning, eller så kan du skapa dina egna mind map-mallar från grunden. Varje mind map kan omvandlas till en mind map-mall genom att lägga till ytterligare vägledande kommentarer till ett av dess ämnen.

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