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Mindomo, the most intuitive task management tool

Work backwards from your end goal to build a visual and engaging representation of your workflow: what to do, when and how to do it.

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Flexible task management

Reorganize your work whenever you need to simply by dragging and dropping tasks from one list to another. Also, if a task gets too complex, turn it into a task list.

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Hierarchical overview of data

Tasks and subtasks are organized in a hierarchical structure. This makes it clear for everyone involved how each task impacts the overall progress of the project.

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Tasks under the magnifying glass

The drill-down feature allows you to focus on a certain task list and temporarily hide the rest of the information.

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Expandable and collapsible information

Quickly compress or expand the view of your project by using the '+' and '-' icons on task lines.

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You can organize tasks in branches and sub-branches, and just follow the lines to understand how they connect to one another. Key information is marked with colors, images and symbols. In the end, you turn a long list of information into a colorful, memorable picture of your to-dos.

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Our mind map interface is well-suited for the brainstorming phase where you need to evaluate various ideas before setting up your tasks. You can record all your ideas as they come by, reorganize them into tasks and even break them into smaller tasks.

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Not being designed for a particular style of project management, Mindomo lets you organize content any way you want to. You can break up task lists into subtasks on and on, and still see how each task relates to the entire project.

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