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The dissertation template is a great way to find out what to write on your paper and organize and structure information to make your work easier. It follows the standard structure containing all chapters from the introduction to the conclusions, and it explains exactly what you need to add for each one.

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Dissertation template

Dissertation template

The dissertation template offers the standard structure of the thesis paper to ease the students' work.

It covers all the necessary chapters (from the Introduction to the Conclusions), and it contains guidelines to help structure and organize all the necessary information and provide a framework.



Conclusion 2
Conclusion 1

Add your conclusion and your final thoughts.

Tip: add more details in the notes section


How did you obtained these results?
Explain the method you used

Add the method you are using to demonstrate your case study. Explain what and how you did.

Examples of methods: focus groups, interviews, timescales, etc.

Results and Discussions

What are the results?
Describe the result

This chapter of your dissertation refers to the results you found.

Report the results and interpret the meaning putting them in context while explaining the matter for each result.

Literature Review

Important ideas/Solutions

Describe the theoretical background you've read and situate your work in relation to existing knowledge.

Add only the main ideas explaining or giving arguments/objections to your research topic/statement.

Add the source

Add the scholarly articles, books, dissertations, conference proceedings, and other resources you've found helpful for your research topic.

These resources contain ideas you'll refer to in the dissertation.


Research Topic
Define the scope of this research

Now that you have the research topic define the scope of this research.

Add the research topic

The first thing you need to do is to establish your research topic.

It can be a problem statement or a question you plan to answer.

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