Steps to write an essay - Mind Map

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Learn the basic steps in building an essay. Click on the arrow below to start developing the structure of your essay.

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Steps to write an essay

Steps to write an essay

writing an essay about a book can be difficult if you do not keep your ideas in order. Use this template to learn the steps to write an essay.

Type in the essay topic, then start writing the research sources. These are grouped into primary and secondary sources. Type in the name of the author and the name of the book you are going to analyze.

Create an outline for the essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Essay Title

What's your essay about?

Type in the title of your essay.


Work on the structure of your essay.

Summary paragraph

Summarize your essay by restating the main ideas of your thesis and body paragraphs.

Type them in.

Body Paragraphs

Develop the ideas presented in the introduction.

Type in a one-line sentence to describe the third body paragraph.

Type in a one-line sentence to describe the second body paragraph.


Type in a one-line sentence to describe the first body paragraph.


Create a catchy introductory paragraph.

Take into consideration the interests of your audience.

Thesis Statement

Choose the strongest idea to build your essay around.

Summarize the direction you want to follow with this essay into the thesis statement.

Informative sentences


Provide details on the subject.

Write a couple of sentences that provide details on the subject you will address in the body of your essay.

First sentence

Write an engaging first sentence.

Did you discover any interesting anecdotes, quotes, or trivial facts while researching your topic? Use them to write your sentence.


Analyze another essay written on this topic

Find at least one example and see whether it is well written or not.


Type in the title and the author(s)
of the essay which you're going to analyze.

Logical sequence

Is the logical sequence of the essay accurate or faulty?

Select an option:


What evidence do(es) the author(s) present?

Type in the evidence.

Add notes if you need larger blocks of text.


Author Claim

What claims do(es) the author(s) make?

Type them in.

Research Sources

Research your topic

Write down the sources you will base your essay on.

Secondary Sources

List second-hand information :

comments, interpretations, or discussions regarding the original material, etc.

Secondary Source

What secondary source(s) will you take into account for your research?

Type in your source(s)


Add hyperlinks to your source(s).

Primary sources

List first-hand information :

Primary Source

What primary source(s) will you take into account for your research?

Type it (them) in.

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