We are happy to announce you that we have successfully integrated Evernote into Mindomo!
As you may know, Evernote is one of best tools out there that you can use to remember and save webpages, images or even text.
So from now on, your clips from Evernote will be available to include in your Mindomo mind maps. This integration means time saving for users of both platforms.
Everything is prepared so you can have the best environment for brainstorming.

And for those that are not users of Evernote, we have just released Idea Grabber!
Idea Grabber is a simple desktop text input app which gives you the ability to send and store ideas in Mindomo.
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Mac OSX, you can download it from our Tools section here

Also, we have added and improved several other features.
New features are:
Import/Export OPML
Export to Freemind (Freemind is a popular free application for mind mapping)
Import from text file
– Added shortcut for inserting relationships (CTRL + R)
– To enter Edit Mode for topics you can use CTRL + E or Command + E on Mac

Freemind import – relationships and colors are now included into the import process.
– And other small bug fixes.


  1. Manoj Ranaweera Reply

    Hi Daniel

    Will give your product a spin. See http://www.edocr.com/doc/1465/edocr-com-customer-journey-simplified – In this case, I used a desktop product (old license from the days of when I was a MBA student), saved as pdf and uploaded to edocr.com manually.

    Our roadmap includes integration with many SaaS products. We are just waiting to release our Hootsuite app in early June. So the value here is more than doubled as the same mindmap can be used in multiple applications, through us – this will also save you the need to integrate with other products – and the mindmap use cases will also increase.

    If you could add “powered by Mindomo” to a designated location of all mindmaps before uploading to us, then its not just the customers who get value, you also get a tangible marketing benefit.

    We also provide co-marketing and believe in looking after our partners, e.g. we continue to introduce our customers to Zendesk.

    Best regards

    PS: Feel free to email me if you like to keep this private

  2. Daniel Sima Reply

    Hi Manoj,

    Thank you for your input! We are checking out the workload for the integration and see if there are other Mindomo users interested in this.

    Can you think of other improvements for our tool?

  3. Manoj Ranaweera Reply

    How about integrating with edocr.com for public sharing as well as use within our partner applications?


    1. Draw mindmap on Mindomo
    2. One click publish to account on edocr.com
    3. Now the mindmap is available for use on Zendesk – increasing customer service!

    (2) is quite simple!

  4. Daniel Sima Reply

    Hi Mike!

    The Bookmark feature is not available yet on Mindomo Desktop. I cannot tell if or when we are going to implement! 🙂

  5. Mike Lallemont Reply

    I have the desktop version of Mindomo and it does not show the bookmark feature yet. Am I missing something?

  6. Daniel Sima Reply

    Hey Torgrim!

    For links, you can actually use CTRL + C – CTRL V and insert a link straight on a topic. Maybe this helps?

    For Notes, you can use F12 to open the Notes Menu on each topic

  7. Torgrim Sandvoll Reply

    Great stuff!

    Are there any shortcut for inserting links and notes? Those two are the features I use the most.

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