We’re about to release Mindomo 7, and we can proudly say that our last few months of hard work will bring you a lighter, faster, simpler and more intuitive version of Mindomo.
We could really use your help to add the final touches, so we’re launching a closed beta testing today where you can participate in.

This is your chance for a fresh, streamlined experience, where you can test this new version’s functionality and report any existing bugs. Consider these guidelines to complete the bug report:- what you were attempting to do/view within the app;

– what happened instead;
– error messages (make print screens/ copy and paste them if it’s the case);
– the operating system and browser versions you are using;
– any suggestions regarding product improvement before it goes officially into use.
If you are interested in becoming a Mindomo 7 beta tester, please apply by sending us an e-mail with your username at support (at) mindomo (dot) com.  Apart from our deepest appreciation for your help, we will be also rewarding you with a 90-day free Premium membership.
We’re looking forward to your applications.
Have an awesome day!

Keep it smart, simple and creative!
The Mindomo Team


  1. Matthew Shelhamer Reply

    If it, technically speaking, becomes a choice between “full-featured” and “fast/usable/accessible,” I think it’s clear you should choose the latter. There’s no reason why Mindomo on a mobile device should need to clone ALL desktop/web functionality.

    The ideal Android app would let a user *easily* and *quickly* get diverse information types into the correct map or node into Mindomo and do some basic-to-intermediate map manipulation. Advanced editing can be done desktop/web version if including this functionality in the Android app would slow it down.

  2. Matthew Shelhamer Reply

    That’s great, and yet this paying customer really doesn’t care, as the Android app needs your attention a LOT more than the desktop/web apps. Does inspiration strike only at your compute, or when you’re out and about? Please make Mindomo more usable on-the-go.

    • Hi, Matthew. We would appreciate if you told us a bit more about the areas in which you believe we have to improve the Android app. What were your difficulties? You can either write to us here, or send us a detailed e-mail at support@mindomo.com. I’m looking forward to your reply!

      • Matthew Shelhamer Reply

        Sorry for the very late response. My main complaints have been available for months from my Google Play Store review. I’ll summarize them and add a few more:

        1. Very slow to start (on both my devices, neither of which are old or under-powered)

        2. No option to auto-load last map and you have to go down through a couple of menus to find the map you want. Every time you start Mindomo you need to do this. And you’re always starting Mindomo because…

        3. Mindomo unloads itself from memory too often (i.e. if you switch to other apps for even a short time and come back, it needs to load from scratch)

        4. Pinch zoom and navigation is rather sluggish and unresponsive.

        5. Tiny menu buttons suitable only for tiny fingers (mainly only a problem on phones, not tablets)

        6. Miniscule node expand/node collapse buttons. Huge usability problem.

        7. No widget showing map directory or capability to shortcut to specific maps in Mindomo from the Android homescreen. (Either of these would be perfect for overcoming #2 above, which is one of the biggest problems).

        8. No way to quick-enter notes/inspiration for later organization like you have on the desktop/web version. Doing this from within Mindomo is too slow.

        9. No way to quick-capture audio/video/images/bookmarks from other common Android apps (e.g. web browsers, Youtube, file explorers, Google Keep) using Android’s “Share to…” capability. Again, trying to add multimedia from inside Mindomo is too time-consuming, requires too many clicks, and just isn’t consistent with the way people actually use mobile devices, especially on Android.

        10. No local caching of cloud maps. (Also, I’ve never understood why you have two separate directories for local maps and cloud maps; it’s counter-intuitive and time-wasting, just have one directory and set the local/cloud attribute on a per-map basis with different icons to indicate that.)


        I think you wouldn’t need to ask me what my main problems were if you just tried using Mindomo on an Android for a day or two to work and switch between several maps, especially cloud maps.

        Seriously, Nadina, I really, really like the desktop and web versions of Mindomo, but the Android app makes it look like you guys just don’t care, which is ridiculous considering people carry their phones or tablets with them far more often than their desktops/notebooks. Inspiration can strike at any and all times, but Mindomo’s mobile efforts don’t seem to acknowledge that at all.

        Seeing what you’ve done with desktop/mobile, I think you’re capable of making an amazing Android app, but it looks like you’ve been putting 95% of your resources elsewhere. Here’s hoping you shift your attention, because mobile devices are becoming more powerful and more preferred for doing tasks that were formerly desktop-only. Going into the future, you are going to need the mobile market to maintain and expand your userbase. If you don’t fill the need, one of your competitors will.

        Thanks for listening,

        P.S. Download and test SimpleMind from the Play Store if you want an example of speed and responsiveness in a mind-mapping app. (Yes, I know, Mindomo has more features to support, but still…)

        P.P.S. Download and test Google Keep for an example of quick entry/capture done properly.

        • Dear Matthew, thank you for providing us with such detailed feedback. I will send you an e-mail to clarify the issues you mentioned.

  3. Download hack Reply

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    • Hi, Wilfred. All you have to do is send us an e-mail with your Mindomo username at support (at) mindomo (dot) com. If you don’t have an account, you must sign up before applying for the beta testing. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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