Hello everybody, today we are very happy to present to you our top three latest features.

First of all, as you already saw, we have redesigned our dashboard for a better user experience.

What does this mean?

Our redesign was formed after a large number of usability tests. A better experience for you, is a better work flow for us.

Having that in mind we have these following changes:

-user navigation is more simple and effective.

-the share function is more visible.

-filter options is more accessible.

-we added “contacts” – you can manage your contacts directly from Dashboard.

-“Upload” option is more present and obvious. You can upload any files or
import maps of different types – mom, mmap, mm, etc.

-we implemented “import from contact” option, where you can directly import them from services like Gmail, Hotmail, GoogleApps, Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo.

We also worked at the log-in option on the desktop application:

-Now you can log-in with Mindomo Desktop just like in the online version using Google, Yahoo or Facebook option.

And the last, but not least, we had in mind that you are a busy person and implemented Twitter notification.
You can start getting twitter direct messages with the latest changes on your shared maps.
It’s real easy to use.

How to use twitter on our platform:

1.Go to Map Properties
2.Click Notification and select Yes
3.If you don’t have a twitter account linked with Mindomo, then press add account.
Or you can go to More-My account-Personal Settings-Add account.

Along with these, we listened to your advices and fixed most of the bugs that we encountered. Try info (at) mindomo.com for other bugs you encounter.

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