We’re constantly looking for ways to optimize your experience with Mindomo. That’s why we recently merged the two dashboards: Maps and Projects/Courses (depending whether you have a business or educational account).

Just take a look at some of the most important changes:

 quickly build folders and projects/courses by clicking on ‘Create’

– organize maps that were shared with you. Move them from the ‘Shared with me’ folder into any of your folders.

– previously you searched for maps in the left-sided folders, and for project/courses in the top side of the page. Now all maps, folders, projects/courses are listed in the main side of the dashboard.

– you can access other relevant categories from the right side of the dashboard: the smart map templates, bookmarks, documents, recycle bin, archived projects or courses.

Of course, it’s for you to decide just how convenient these changes are. Is it easier for you to work in Mindomo now? Looking forward to your feedback!

Keep it smart, simple, and creative!
The Mindomo Team


  1. I’m loving how your product continually evolves! Thanks so much. One question: would it be possible to create a visual distinction in the interface between the templates and projects and folders? Since they are not logically the same things, it would be good to group them differently.

    • We wanted to bring all the Mindomo items together to make them easier to reach, and we think they are easy to distinguish because they have different item type icons. It would be great if you gave us more details on how/why you think we should group them differently.

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