Just to make sure you have everything you need to kick-start this new school year, we spent the entire summer vacation working on some cool updates:

1. Playback feature: your own magnifying glass to see who did what on any mind map. Use it to see who has been working on the map, all their individual contributions and the time they were made. With this new feature, assessing students’ work on collaborative mind maps will be a piece of cake.

2. Courses transformed into Assignments. Why? The Resources and Notes sections in a Course were less used. So we removed them, making everything more straightforward. Still, nothing has changed in the way you build and share your mind map assignments:

– students maps are instantly shared with the teacher from the moment students start their assignments
– students share opinions and learn from each other on collaborative assignments
– teachers can share assignments with other teachers that might be covering their classes
– student maps are easier to reach since they are grouped on assignments
– assignments can be duplicated
– one can create student accounts without email

3. Google Classroom integration: bring all your predefined Google Classes into Mindomo to share your mind map assignments easier.

4. itslearning integration: yet another LMS from which you can  work with Mindomo directly, no additional login required. Check out the guidelines for this integration.

5. Office 365 integration: schools and also organizations can add Mindomo to their Office 365 accounts. This way all users on their accounts will be able to work with Mindomo directly from there. Guidelines for this integration here.

Mindomo makes a run at being the best mind mapping solution for you, so feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

Keep it smart, simple, and creative!
The Mindomo Team


  1. Jary van Baalen Reply

    Nice program. However, in presentation mode the notes remain too small to be read by the students. I find it an important drawback and limitation for using it in group sessions.

    • Hello, Jary. Normally, when you click on a note attached to a topic within the presentation, the zoom is on the note text. Can you please give me more details about the difficulties you encountered?

      • Jary van Baalen Reply

        It may be that I don’t use the program in the correct way. However, whenever in a presentation I click on the notes sign attached to the topic, the note will be displayed but in such a small format that student won’t be able to read the notes. If you take a look at, for example, NovaMind in its presentation mode you will see that the notes section is enlarged and easily readable for students. I would like to see that feature in MindOmo, or if it is already possible, how to get to that feature.

        • Mindomo notes also appear enlarged and easily readable, so it would really help us to know what operating system you are using, browser version and on what device.

          • Jary van Baalen

            I’m using the iMac and Macbook, running the latest iOS package.
            My version of MindOmo is:
            Mindoro Desktop Premium v.6.97, which by the way will expire oct 22 2016.
            You created a problem for me: I don’t see any enlarged version of the notes in my presentations. You do. I wonder whether it would not be simply possible to show me the steps I’ll have to take to get there?

          • I somehow overlooked the fact that you might be using our desktop version. Indeed, because the desktop version is running on Flash instead of HTML5, the notes won’t display like in the online version. For this reason, it would be best if you synced your local maps with the online, and played the presentations in the online version.

          • Jary van Baalen

            And by the way: I use Safari, but at the university I’m bound to the cloud version of Mindomo as they run windows. However, the same problem: presentations don’t allow readable notes !!

  2. Herman Vega Reply

    I love your program. However, there are areas that need improvement. The editing screaming needs to be made bigger so your fingers can fit the screen better. Your dictionaries could be made easier to access. Cut and paste features cube improved and made more efficient.

  3. Hola, soy maestra en Uruguay y opino que es un programa magnífico. El problema es que nuestros alumnos usan XO con Linux y no podrían acceder a Mindomo!!
    Igualmente lo emplearé para organizar mis propios conceptos.
    Saludos y muchas gracias por acercar este recurso desde tan lejos!

    • Hello, Luz. I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties using our app. Can you please tell me what version you are using – online or desktop?


    Excelente ayuda, solo que no manejo adecuadamente la herramienta.

  5. Graciela Ricaurte De Lozano . Reply

    Thank you. It’s an excellent program. Congratulations!!

  6. Working in a team, with tasks assigned to different people/resources, it would be nice to have a view “by resource”. This helps when reviewing the task that each resource has to complete.

  7. Bonjour je suis très satisfait de Mindomo mais est-il possible d’ordonnancer la mind map pour une édition au format traitement de texte avec sommaire etc (comme sur Mindmap) ?

    • Hello, Pierre. If I understood correctly, you are trying to save the map in a word format? If so, right click on the map and choose the .rtf format.

  8. Hello Mindmodo team,

    I pay subscription and use your software almost daily and of course I like it but there is this small thing that bothers me for maybe around a year now and it was working fine to me before.

    I am talking about copy&pase feature when I want to paste or copy content outside the Mindmodo app. I have to open the editing select the text and use right click popup menu and that is really annoying.

    If you could fix that I would be much more happy than I am happy form the new features you have just presented here.

    Thank you. 🙂

    • Hello, Andrej, and thank you for the feedback. To copy paste content from a mind map into a document you can double click a topic (that’s when the text inside is selected), press CTRL+C, then CTRL+V outside the app. Try it and let me know if this works better for you.

  9. Marco Bertolini Reply

    The links towards the integration with itslearning and Office 365 don’t work. I can’t get there.

    Can you please check them out ?

    Thanks in advance,


  10. Maureen Burridge Reply

    Looking forward to use the google classroom integration. Thanks, guys!

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