Hi guys,

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are sure you have already noticed the Search feature in your editor and map viewer.

This is the first version and we would need some pointers from you. There’s not much to say, we’ve only added minimal functionality.

The search box is located in the status bar.
With only 1 click you type, search and navigate fast through the highlighted results. Also, everything happens in real-time, so this should be an important feature for users with large maps.

We would really appreciate if you can test is and tell us what we should improve or change.

What other functionality do you think it should have? Is it easy to use, is the look and feel alright?


  1. Hello,

    I would first say I really like mindomo, it’s simple and handy and just want I needed. Just have one thought about search function. It does not highlight the search keywords within the “notes”. In case I attached a very long note, the search function only shows me the icon where this notes belongs, but not the location of the keywords inside the notes.. So I have to read through the long notes to locate the keywords.. Is it possible to add this feature? please!!!!!


    • Hi Xin,
      Thank you for your feedback. Your comment regarding the search function was added on our task list. We will work on having it implemented in the near future.

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  3. Torgrim Sandvoll Reply


    Nice feature and needed! Would be nice to have a shortcut key for focusing on the quick search field.

    A little off topic, but needed too…

    Two of my most used features when working with a mindmap are inserting links and notes. Am I blind or are there no shortcut keys for these two “most used” features in Mindomo? If no, why not? I mean Ctrl+N gives you a new map?? Which I use – only when I want to create a new map, but no shortcutkey for inserting a new note which I do on many topics on each new map?? Ctrl-N is the defacto standard in Mindmapping for opening and closing a new note, Ctrl+K is the defacto standard for inserting a link – in any Windows program.

    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  4. v2belleville Reply

    I have quickly tested the new feature (with FF). A very good thing is that closed nodes go back to their closed display after the search. It seems only true for search with the bar, not when the search pop-up window is used. That is useful when you close some part of your map because you want them out of focus for the time being. In that case, the fact that the node is closed is a piece of information (=currently not important) If any search opens the node, you loose that information. So very happy to see we can search and still keep the map as we made it.
    When using the search popup windows I think it is uncomfortable that pressing enter does not launch the search. It is not as efficient to have to take the mouse to press a button…

  5. I really like Mindomo, especially the styling options. I’m sampling a variety of mindmapping tools and so far this feature is unique.

    A big request from me is please create an iPad app as soon as possible! I use my iPad constantly and prefer a touch screen for mindmapping.

    I also like the browser bookmarklet. Haven’t tried it, but anticipate that it will be very handy.

    Keep up the good work and hire some talented women!

    Lane (female) in Charlotte, NC

    • Working on it. Trying to figure out the best way to aaggergte ride stats. Have you ever used Google fusion? I need to get to a desktop cause I can’t tell what it is trying to do using my phone.

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