We like stories. Education is made through them. So we decided to collect some about mind mapping and Mindomo.

Here is how it works:
You can write your experience with Mindomo, how mind maps help you achieve your goals, and we reward you.

There are several ways you can win:

1.Write it on your blog, mention this article, and let us know by email about it. (to info(@)mindomo.com)
2.Post it on facebook, along with your user name on Mindomo.
3.Send us an email with the story and contact details. (to info(@)mindomo.com)
4.Leave a comment to this post.

Either way, you get 3 months of free premium for joining the contest!

And the prizes are:

1st place – 1 year of premium
2nd place – 9 months of premium
3rd place – 6 month of premium

We are expecting all of your compositions until 21st of March!


  1. I could write a story about a company that decided to take Mindmaps as hostages to blackmail their users. Because that's the Story of me and Mindomo. But i don't think that you will like it.

  2. Mindomo meshes with the way I have worked for years, just gives me a new way to show and share what I'm working on with those with whom I collaborate! Instead of freehand drawings with clouds and squiggly lines, I get a picture that looks good and is helpful to myself and others on shared projects.

    I'm working with _Getting Things Done_ and getting my life and work organized. Thanks for this new tool that I can use to make my life more productive and easier to to find focus.



  3. I use David Allen's methodology for Getting Things Done. For hardware, I use Moleskin Cahier notebooks, particularly the 3 ½ x 5 ½ size and a Retro 51 Tornado fountain pen, an HP laptop and a Galaxy S smartphone.

    Since changing to the Android smartphone, the computer software I use includes Mozilla's Thunderbird email program with the Lightning add-on for calendaring and GQueues add-on for task management, and Catch.com's notetaking app for Android.

    Using the combination of Moleskin notebooks and pen and Catch.com's notetaking app for Android, I am able to capture any thought that comes up anywhere. Lightning is great for managing my calendar, and GQueues for managing my tasks. Their syncing capabilities with my smartphone gives me great mobility. And GQueues collaboration capabilities help me to work with others on common projects.

    But the Getting Things Done methodology is more than just managing day-to-day details. Worked properly, utilizing the methodology includes planning a project from conception to finish. After defining one's purpose and principles and envisioning wild success, one brainstorms ideas for moving the project forward. After organizing the ideas captured and kept during brainstorming, one finally moves on to defining the next actions which are required to move the project forward in every component of the project.

    Mindomo is excellent software for me to use during the brainstorming component of the planning process. It allows me to capture my storm of thinking, shape and color it to help visually differentiate and illustrate those ideas, and organize and rearrange them as appropriate and needed. I can easily include a map's URL in the project's planning template in GQueues, allowing me to quickly get to my mindmap from my task management software. And it's collaboration features give me the same capabilities to collaborate with a team in brainstorming that GQueues gives me in managing tasks.

  4. sue stinson Reply

    Just used mindomo for the first time. Made writing the first research paper in 15 years so 21st century!
    I'll be sending in my story shortly!

  5. Taking Care Reply

    I am still working on my story as I am new here. I will say it has made a great difference in my getting a plan organized so far. I see a great future ahead do to the service. Thank You

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