Organize your job search - Mind Map

Use this template

Use this mind map as a starting point to set your job search goals. You can edit the mind map by deleting topics or adding new ones which you consider necessary.

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Organize your job search

How to organize your job search

Organize your job search by using this template. Stay organized and keep track of your job applications.

In order to find your dream job, you will need to stay organized when you go through this job search process.

Collect openings that match in this template and analyze in detail job postings suited to your experience or studies area.

Gather in this mind map all the documents you have prepared: cover letters, resumes, thank you letters, and references.

Add your appointments here and the name of the companies employees that you have discussed with.

List all your offers in this template so you can compare them and make the best decision to assure you a long term job that you will enjoy.

Organize your Job Search

This mind map comes in handy if you are in the middle of job searching. Gather all the possibilities, then with the help of the mind map choose whichever fits your needs best.


Responses from
Submitted to

Keep track of your applications so you won't send it twice to the same employer.

You can also separate the responses which might turn into an offer.

Add name


Follow up

List here the people you have been in contact with, in case you would need to follow up with them later on.


Add your appointments here!


Use our mind map to prepare for an interview and prepare individually for each company that called you for an interview.


You might get offers at first or you might need to negotiate; either way, list here all of your offers so you can easily compare them and choose.


Thank you letters
Cover letters

Gather here all the documents you have prepared, the cover letters, recommendations, resumes, etc.


Personal Relationships

You may know a few people who are in the position of helping you out by offering internships or so.

Job Fairs

Add here the job fairs you would like to visit.

Online Profiles

Write down all your online networking profiles: e.g. LinkedIn.

Networking events

If you plan to attend any networking events, you should note them down here.


Add here the agencies or the recruiters you are working with.

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Mindomo gir deg smarte maler for tankekart som gjør at du kan fungere og tenke uanstrengt.

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