Medieval Europe - Mind Map

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How much do you know about events and important figures in the Medieval Ages?

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Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe

From this mind map, you can learn about Medieval Europe with its important figures (writers, scientists, artists, and rulers) and important events.

Medieval Europe

Use this template to test your knowledge on some of Medieval Europe's most important events. Write down the names of important figures who have marked history.

Important figures


Give some examples of royal figures who won their fame in the Medieval Ages.

Think of kings, queens, princes, and princesses.

For example, Eduard IV, also known as the 'Black Prince', became famous for his bravery acts in the war against France.


Type in other examples of Medieval artists.

Who is the Italian artist who painted the top of the Sistine Chapel?

This artist is also the creator of the famous sculpture statue of David.

Type in the answer.


Who was the Italian artist who painted Mona Lisa?

He became world famous for also being a prolific scientist, inventor, engineer, mathematician, and writer.

Type in the answer.


Type in other examples of famous scientists who lived in the medieval period.

Who was the English physicist who created the laws of motion that govern all objects, including the force of gravity?

Type in the answer.


What scientist claimed that the Earth revolved around the Sun?

He was also put on trial by the Catholic Church for publishing a book with this theory. Type in the answer.


Type in several other examples of people who influenced medieval literature.

Who was the famous Italian writer who advised rulers that “the ends always justify the means”?

Type in the answer.


Who was the English writer who became famous for his plays and sonnets about love, fantasy, betrayal, politics, government, and ancient Rome?


Leonardo da Vinci paints the Last Supper.

Type in the year.

The Last Supper
1453 A.D.

What major event takes place in 1453 A.D.?

Type in the answer.

Start of the Renaissance is marked by Johannes Gutenberg's invention, the printing press.

What was the year of this great discovery?

Beginning of Renaissance
1431 A.D.

What major event took place in 1431 A.D.?

Type in the answer.

Probably one of the most aggressive pandemics in the world history, the Black Death, also known as 'plague', killed half of the Europeans.

What year did this event take place?

Half of Europeans die
1337 A.D.

What major event took place in 1337 A.D.?

Think of the well-known rivalry between England and France.

Type in the answer.

Marco Polo explores Asia

What is the year of this great event?
Fill in the answer.

Asia is explored
1215 A.D.

What major event took place in 1215 A.D.?

Type in the answer.

Genghis Khan establishes the Mongol Empire.

Type in the year of this major event.

Foundation of Mongol Empire
1189 A.D.

What major event took place in 1189 A.D.?

Fill in the answer.

The Crusades were wars fought by the Holy Roman Empire against the Muslims in an attempt to conquer the Holy Land.

What was the year of the First Crusade? Type in the answer.

First Crusade
1066 A.D.

What major event took place in 1066 A.D.?

Type in your answer.

What is the year in which the Vikings were defeated by the King of England, Alfred the Great?

Type in the answer.

King of England defeats invaders
835 A.D.

What major event took place in 835 A.D.?

Type in the answer.

Charlemagne, also known as 'The King of Franks', is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

What year did this coronation take place?

Coronation of Charlemagne
732 A.D.

What major event took place in 732 A.D.?

Type in the answer.

In what year is Muhammad born?

Type in the answer.

Prophet of Islam is born
481 A.D.

What major event took place in 481 A.D.?

Type in the answer.


Around what year did the Roman Empire fall, thus leaving a lot of local kings and rulers fighting for the land?

Type in the answer.

Start of Middle Ages

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