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One of the eight thinking maps, a bubble map, is an excellent tool when looking to expand on the description. This map starts from a central idea or main idea and can even be used to brainstorm. It’s a mind map that will help develop critical thinking skills and, at the same time, be a graphic organizer. Really it’s a bubble map graphic organizer. Each bubble can be part of brain dumps or new ideas, and it all starts with a template. In addition, this visual representation is an excellent tool to collaborate with.  

Keep in mind that the bubble map is different from a double bubble map. A double bubble map compares and contrasts two ideas with two central bubbles. It will also technically have two central bubble options in its mind map structure. The double bubble map is also considered one of the eight thinking maps. Yet it has a different purpose than the simple one.

What is a bubble map?

Let’s do a deeper dive into this thinking map option. With this graphic organizer, you will build out a map from one central idea written in the middle. When you make a bubble map, this is the focus of the whole map. From there, you will draw as many bubbles or circles as you can come up with.

We call them bubbles, but in reality, they should remain circles for an easier design. What goes in each bubble is a key element and should only be descriptive word options. You can start listing everything in software like Microsoft Word as you brainstorm ideas and do some pre-writing. But it’s best to start slowly with one or two bubbles at a time and use a bubble map maker from the beginning.

bubble map structure and elements

Sometimes we stick with classic white bubbles and stick to one size of bubbles. Yet there are more complex options to go with than a classic blank bubble map. Here you can have bubble maps with different-sized circles or bubbles. This can show relevance, especially with surrounding bubbles.

There are templates that use different colors or symbols to represent ideas. It’s important to have a format panel if you’re going to work with these complex maps. You should also include descriptors for your map to better understand them.

How to create a bubble map?

It’s very easy to create one, and there are two options: start from scratch or use predefined templates and fill them out.

Let’s take a look at some templates. Make sure you have a main idea to start out with. Let’s not start with a complex concept for our bubble map example. Start thinking that it is a bubble mind map, and it’ll be easier to digest. In this example, we’ll go with dog breeds.

dog breeds bubble maps

Start with a central circle or center bubble with the word dog breeds. Then create your first few bubbles for dog breeds you know immediately. Then you can expand with more bubbles to finish your bubble concept map. As examples go, this is a classic one to help users get the main idea of a bubble map.

What are common uses for bubble maps?

1. Describing concepts and brainstorming

The main use of these maps is to describe different concepts or complex information. Besides descriptions, bubble maps are frequently used as brainstorming diagrams. It can lead to cluster maps, where a cluster map can show the direction in which the session is going. It also can help with identifying patterns or connections between different ideas. It is meant to be a graphic organizer for your ideas as well as to perform word analysis as needed.

2. Research

Bubble maps also help in research, especially with outlining points for a longer paper. As one of the best graphic organizers out there, it’ll quickly put everything into sections and subtopics. At the same time, it will show any relationship or key difference between all the arguments and pieces of information. If you have surrounded bubbles, draw lines back to the central and main topics. These bubbles connect to various central ideas.

3. Education

Education gets a big use out of bubble maps. It helps students bring up their ideas and easily connects them together with lines. Each circle or bubble a student adds to the bubble map adds a new layer of information to it. All this goes back to the main ideas when you make a bubble map.

Teachers can use different templates to do everything from explaining historical events to breaking down elements of a story. Students benefit from this type of visual learning (read more about what visual learning is here), as it shows related concepts and breaks down complex problems. It all starts with that central bubble.

Bubble maps benefits

There are several benefits when it comes to bubble maps. These diagrams are simple to learn and powerful educational tools. You can easily create a bubble map template and reuse it as necessary for any project, lesson, or brainstorming session. It also ends up being an excellent visual aid for any type of presentation or speech.

That means considering making the map printable. Anyone who needs to present often will have a bubble map maker ready to go. It just helps to describe ideas better, regardless if those ideas are related or not. You can easily connect these ideas and circles with lines that help to create and organize information.

With all these ideas, lines, circles, and bubbles connecting, you start to see the patterns behind them as well. Bubble maps truly help to break down complex problems and are an excellent tool in doing so.

How Mindomo helps (Even with double bubble map options)

bubble map example - facts about planet Earth

Building bubble software that makes sense requires building out mind-mapping software in general. This has allowed Mindomo to have a variety of template options for all of your needs. There are plenty of examples that are already visually stunning. You can easily collaborate and create with others seamlessly online. You can even design printable bubble map options to show the ideas in the real world.

Mindomo has simple-to-use software to draw as many lines, ideas, or circles as possible to create the best bubble map possible. Whether you want to build thinking maps in general or bubble maps, it’s all possible with Mindomo.

As online tools and pre-built templates go, you’ll be able to build bubble maps in no time. Sign up for free and start creating your own bubble maps!

Keep it smart, simple, and creative!
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