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Overview Using a word processor to write long, complicated essays or business documents is hard work. Using Mindomo to collect your ideas and organize your document before exporting it to Microsoft Word is easier and produces a better outcome. Figure 1: the Mindomo template for creating a document Use this template This article shows you how to use the Mindomo template for creating documents. It includes guidance and tips on structure, writing, and exporting to…

At some point, we all have some writing to do. Whether it is a short story, an essay or a speech, good writing is just like Math (go figure 🙂 ), logical and structured. So it becomes clear and accessible for the reader. For this very reason, a mind map helps you structure your writing. When you are writing a story, begin by creating a mind map. Put a relevant picture in the center to…

Improving writing skills doesn’t have to stop once you’ve earned your college or university degree.  However, college may be the best time to learn and develop your writing skills.  There are still many writing tasks and jobs within the professional world, where good writing skills are in high demand and this should be a good motivator for you to get started.  Keep in mind that writing is a creative tool, so before you start, you need to identify your writing task:

  • writing an essay

  • creating a project

  • analyzing a novel

  • creating an outline for a debate

If your writing task is to create an essay, then the following steps will be a good starting point to help you better structure your essay writing: