How to master a subject - Mind Map

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This mind map will help you gather everything you need to know about a certain subject, from course objectives to evaluation criteria, details about projects, lectures, and courses.

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How to master a subject

How to master a subject

Learn how to master a subject using this mind map template that will help you gather information in one place and prepare for courses and exams. Add in this mind map details about the course introduction, resource requirements, books that you need to read, course content, project work, and course schedule.

Subject Name

Type in the name of your subject.

Course Content

Add detailed notes about each lecture, so that when the time comes to prepare for exams, you will have an easier and quicker overview.


Add a short description of your homework and any details you need in order to understand and complete the task.

Check your knowledge

Add a list of questions to help you recap your lecture.


Write down if there are things you would like to discuss or clarify with your teacher or colleagues in relation to this topic.


Add a short description of the lecture.

Project Work

Add here all the details about your projects.

Team Members

Add the team members.

Student Name

Short Project Description

Add a short project description.

Project Name

Add the project name.

Course Schedule

Schedule your course ahead. Knowing all the information will make everything easier.


Add the class information for each week.

Class name

Add class name.

Day, Date,Hour

Add additional information about this class.

Course Readings

Add key information about the books you've read. If you feel it's necessary, you can add a small summary of your readings in the Notes section.

Book title

Add summary of the content of a book


Add details about where you can get it from. For e.g.: library, bookstore, audiobook, etc.

Publishing information

Add the publishing information.


Name the author.

Resource Requirements

Review your resource requirements and tick off the devices you will need as well as their availability. Add others, if necessary.

Add other

Add other resources:



Laser pointer
Display screen

Select as needed:



Course introduction

Type in all the info you would like to know about this subject. If there is something you don't know yet, no problem! You can fill in the blanks along the way.

Course objectives

Did your teacher present the objectives of this course? Write them down and add anything else that might help you reach these objectives.

Evaluation criteria

Add details about your teachers' evaluation criteria. This way you will know the aspects you need to focus on.

Attendance Policy

Write down the attendance policy, to avoid confusion throughout the year.


Type in the name of your teachers and teacher assistants, plus any details you should know about them.

Course Summary

Add details about your course.

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