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This mind map helps you plan a performance improvement project using the '''Balanced Scorecard'''. This type of project requires a good knowledge of your company's strategies and operations. The technique works by establishing insightful measurement points in four areas of operations. Keywords: project management, scorecard project, scorecard perspectives, strategy, stakeholders, objectives

Balanced scorecard Project Management

Balanced scorecard project management

Plan a project to improve your performance using this balanced scorecard project management template. This project will require resources and long-term commitment.

The completion of this mind map requires a good knowledge of the organization’s strategies and operations.

Add the stakeholders’ needs and measurements that show that you understand those needs. Then think about your organization’s mission, objectives, and strategies.

Look at the situation from the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard technique: financial perspectives, external customer perspective, internal business process perspective, and learning and growth perspective.

Continue completing this template by planning out some initial actions.

Add key players to your project. Establish objectives. Then communicate the results to your company.

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