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''''''VMOST'''- Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics '''will help you analyze the structure of your vision, and how well coordinated you are around it. It may take a few attempts to capture a VMOST that everyone agrees with, so do not rush into the analysis phase until you are happy with the first stage. Keywords: business analysis, VMOST analysis, organization tactics

VMOST analysis

This VMOST analysis mind map template will help you evaluate and review your company’s vision, mission, objectives, strategy, and tactics.

Go through all the steps in this mind map template, describe and review them. Afterward, make notes about how they can be improved.

Begin with outlining the Vision of your company and briefly describe the values, views, and objectives of your company.

Specify your Mission Statement and ensure that you identify everything that is appropriate to your scope of analysis. Take some time to review it.

Set your primary Objectives and use the SMART technique: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Be certain that your mission is in line with your objectives, and if not, make the necessary adjustments.

To achieve your goals, you're going to need a good Strategy, that will highlight your understanding of the challenges and how to solve them. Bear in mind that one of the aims of the strategy should be to make sure that objectives are accomplished by maximizing the use of organizational resources.

Develop and formulate the Tactics that you will use to implement your strategy. These tactics are specific activities that your organization will perform to move the strategy forward in order to guarantee the success of your company's goals.

Finally and most importantly, is the analysis well communicated and understood by the key people in your organization? Make a plan for delivering your message to your staff in a clearly and consistently manner.

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