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Keywords: biology, microorganisms



Learn about different types of microorganisms and their characteristics.

Microorganisms are organisms that are so small and can not be seen with the naked eye. They can be grouped into two categories: useful and harmful.


A microorganism is an organism so small that people cannot see them with the naked eye.

Microorganisms can be harmful and useful organisms.

Harmful organisms

Harmful microorganisms include fungi, bacteria, protozoa, etc.

They cause several diseases in human beings, animals, and plants, which can even lead to death.

The harmful microorganisms not only can damage the human body, but also the food we eat.


What diseases can they cause?

Prevented by

Give examples of how the spread of harmful organisms can be prevented.

Spread by

Give examples of how harmful organisms can spread.


Research about the main characteristics of the microorganisms and give examples!


Useful organisms

Microorganisms help in the production of many food items, making medicines, keeping the environment clean, in manufacturing, and in research.


Microorganisms have a role in waste disposal, agriculture, and nutrient recycling.

Give examples of these types.


Give examples of bacteria used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Give examples of Microorganisms in food production.



There are five types of microorganisms. Out of these five, four can be free-living or parasitic.

There is one that can be only parasitic since it always reproduces inside other living things.

After enumerating them, click on the flags below to mark the ones which can be free-living and the ones that cannot.

can be free-living

only parasitic

Type of microorganism

The study of microorganisms

Name the study of microorganisms.

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