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Invented by Francesco Cirillo in the late '80s, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management method. The technique consists of 25-minute intervals with a strong focus on the current task and short 5-minute breaks in between.

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Pomodoro study technique

Pomodoro study technique

This template with the Pomodoro study technique is a way to study and plan to focus on your tasks for 25 minutes, then take 5-minute breaks. By taking these breaks, your mental focus will improve and you will get more things done. Besides studying, you can also apply this technique to your everyday tasks.

After 4 cycles of Pomodoro, it is recommended to have a longer break (15-30 minutes), when you can go for a walk, exercise, eat, etc.

Stay focused and avoid overwork with this effective method!

Pomodoro Technique

A method for staying focused and mentally fresh!

Step 4

If you already did 4 pomodoros, take a longer break, between 15-30 minutes. In this break you can go for a walk, eat something, do a short circuit of exercises, etc.
Plan your breaks ahead!

Repeat 4 times

Step 3

After each pomodoro do a 5 minute break! In these 5 minutes, think of/do anything but the task.
You can add your ideas for the 'lightning' breaks: it can be a 5-minute stretching, reading a short article, etc.

5-minute break

Step 2

Each 25 minute is one 'pomodoro', and it's a 25-minute focused work.
You can write the time of the start and progress on the task.

Timer to 25 min

Step 1

How many Pomodoros you might need? Plan your pomodoros, then choose the task you want to start it with!

Pick a task

Choose the task you want to start it with!

Plan your Pomodoros!

How many Pomodoros you might need?

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