We are very happy to announce you that we have launched Mindomo 6.
We created our new version from scratch.
This article may be too long to read, so we created a short video about some of the important changes. Check it out here:

These are some of the major changes you will notice working with Mindomo 6.

A new simplified interface – as you will see, we said goodbye to our ribbon and created a minimalistic appearance with 6 general items: Topic, Font, Themes, Layout, Relationship and Boundary.

mindomo 6

We kept our multimedia menu, but optimized it for you, along with great new features.

A new viewer – simplified and optimized, with no selection, we also included Social Buttons, Embedding along with a direct link so you can send to others.

Layouts – we have added Free-form and Org Chart layouts. Along with these you will have the ability to create multi maps.

Multi maps – This is an important feature for those who will have multiple plans on the same subject and want their maps centralized in one document.

Context menus – the menus you are going to observe when you are in a topic’s range are our new context menus. Both of them were created for the ease of use and to increase rapidity in action.

You will also notice the format painter, which will allow you to copy and apply styles to other topics really fast.

Drill down – Drill Down feature will let you focus on a specific part on your plan and pick out the key information that you need. Save time and organize your ideas.

Pan and zoom – complex maps are no longer trouble for you. With Pan and Zoom, you can reach any side of a mind map fast and easily.

Audio notes – this comes in handy when writing is not enough. Some subjects cannot be explained in a few words. Audio notes will help you and your audience to better understand the plan.
Also, you will be able to embed your files directly from your computer.

Drag to insert – if you use the mouse more than the keyboard for topic creation, we’ve got a cool feature for you. Now you can insert ideas by dragging on topics.

Icons – we prepared a High-Quality icons set including Checks, Flags and other self-explanatory signs. More visual aid at your disposal to express your ideas better.

Link to topics – suggest people to view other topics by attaching one topic to another. Link a problem with a solution.

Redesigned Task Info with Auto Complete for users

Import improvements – we have improved Mindmanager format (.mmap), so you can upload any kind of maps, including org-charts, including images and embeds.

We hope you enjoy it, we are waiting for your opinion! 🙂


  1. It seems, I have tried all programs devoted Mind-mapping – but you is simple out of competition! (just The Best!)))

    Simplicity and convenience, excellent functionality and very pleasant design – guys, continue in the same spirit! With impatience I wait for updatings..)))

    Already I recommend you to my friends, and while all in delight. At once start to use)) Thanks!..

  2. I have started preparing a mind map for a new course that we will be presenting next year. I am still finding my way around, but am very impressed. Thank you for making an academic’s life easier.

  3. Kris Gorski Reply


    Any chance to see Mindomo compatibility with iPad in any near future? Perhaps through Ithoughts HD?


    • Hi Kris,

      Yes, we have an IPad App planned in the near future. We will announce it on our blog and twitter (twitter.com/mindomo) when we have a sure thing! 🙂

  4. Kris Gorski Reply


    Any chance to see Mindomo compatibility with iPad in any near future? Perhaps through Ithoughts HD?

  5. Hi Daniel, since I changed my MacBook’s software to Lion I have problems to launch your desktop app at all. Do you know any solutions to that?
    Should I send you the technical report that is displayed after each Imndomo Desktop crash?

  6. It’s a big step ahead! Congratulations!
    I do see a lot of potential to make Mindomo now work on tablet computers with this streamlined interface. I also like drill down and floating topics (which you call Multi Maps in this article). I really hope you are developing an iPad version soon – with this new interface you did the first step in this direction!

    Bug found: Please fix the export to MMAP (MindManager format)! I cannot open converted Maps in MindJet MindManager 7 (and also not in MindJet for iPhone). Thanks!

    • Hi Ben,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      We started working on this issue already. We will try to fix it as soon as possible 🙂

  7. Arlindo Elias Tomas Reply

    I liked it although it is difficult to use and understand. Therefore sending explanations telling how to use mindomo should be helpful. farwell.

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  10. Alex Goodall Reply

    Great job, guys! I’ve already used the new interface a bit, and it’s a huge improvement over the MS Ribbon. That seemed to be like using a penknife for a screwdriver – it was never quite fit-for-purpose.

    Here’s a request for the next re-design: ability to provide URLs that display the map with a particular Topic selected.

    Maps can become very large information repositories – like a website, only better – but at the moment it’s like only being able to send people to the home page of the site.

    But you’re doing great work: thanks.


  11. Even tough we ditched the ribbon, this doesn't means we lost features.

    We know you liked the office-like ribbon, but we are sure after you start using our new interface you will realize how easy it is to work and you will start loving it too 🙂

  12. 易森語言 Actions Language Reply

    I prefer the old version. For the old version, the interface looks quite similar to the interface of “word 2007”. We don't need to spend time getting used to the buttons of where the functions are. But for the new one, maybe the functions are good, but the interface is not that good compared with the old version. I like mindomo a lot, and I am invited by several academies to show them how to combine mind map with teaching. I am about to deliver another speech to the audience with mindomo, but because of the new interface, I personally don't think they can learn it well. Again, I like the function, but not the interface. I hope the interface can be changed back to the old one, the one which everyone is familiar with, just like word 2007.

  13. It's a great work, but, maybe, now we have a too much simple interface. The older one worked better in order to have a good customization. Now it's a really simple, quick and automatic device. This is not always a good thing…

  14. VlaYOO, we think one of our next steps is Android and Ipad app 🙂

  15. great! great!great!
    but…it dosent work on my samsung galaxy tab. to be more precise, I can not activate my keyboard. ok, I know its the old story about android, but it is a old story…hope you can fix any time soon.
    do you plan to have a Android or iPhone app?
    I like mindomo but there are some steps that you need to take. good luck!

  16. We're happy you like it Adam.

    I'm curios what you think about the usability. Let me know after you test it 🙂

  17. Adam Sicinski Reply

    Great work guys. The interface looks very innovative and fresh. Reminds me of how internet browsers function these days — specifically Google Chrome. Looking forward to testing it out. 🙂

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