Hi guys,

Just a heads up that we got accepted on Google Apps and we are live at this link.

We also created a page where you can see the benefits of using Mindomo through Google Apps.

What are the main benefits behind Google Apps integration:

• Single Sign-On straight from your email;
• First time users are automatically added to your team;
• Tight Integration with Google Docs;
• Exporting your mind maps to Text Document, Spreadsheet or even PDF;
• Import contacts and colleagues to join you and work together.


  1. Bindiya Hassaram Reply

    Even with google docs, you can only export to spreadsheet etc with the Paid version, correct?

  2. Jenna Hardman Drasperton Reply

    Para construir un mapa mental sólo tienes que empezar por escribir una idea en el centro de tu pantalla prueba con Mindomo .

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