It’s our pleasure to inform you that we have finally released Mindomo for iPad and Android tablets.

As you familiarize yourself with the new Mindomo app, you will notice that it keeps the same functionality as the online version. However, there are new features that you will be delighted to test out and benefit from:

  • Seamless synchronization – providing a safe and backed-up environment for your information.
  • Online syncing of maps – allowing you to work and update your mind maps from different locations and various devices.
  • Instant access to maps – no log-in required, gets you started in a few seconds.
  • Flexibility of using app on tablet, phone or PC – respecting your mobility, yet keeping the same look and feel.
  • Stand-alone application – no account required in order to function.
  • Working offline with your ideas – creating and editing mind maps without an internet connection.

The app is free for a limited period of time.  Please follow the links below to access the application:

We would like to thank you for your interest in the development of Mindomo for iPad and Android tablets.  Even though we took a while to release this new application, we believe we succeeded in meeting your expectations, making your waiting worthwhile.We look forward to receiving your feedback regarding our new application and features.


  1. Loving mindomo. The only thing is that it won’t allow me to hyoerlink to docs or pictures. I use it on ipad 2. Is there a way that this should still happen.


  2. Jose Mauro Santos Reply

    The app is simply amazing!
    I´m just having one problem: it doesn´t sync with the online version… what shall I do? Thank you.

    • Hello Jose,
      Thank you for your great feedback. Regarding your problem, is your local map different from the online version, or do you have issues visualizing your cloud maps?
      Looking forward to your reply, Naomi

      • Jose Mauro Santos Reply

        You´re welcome! The app is superb 🙂
        I have absolutely no problem viewing or editing my clup map on my ipad. The problem is that when I access mindomo from my mac and get online, the map is not updated.

  3. Hello dear,
    I have problem using google play, is it posible to give me a direct link to download android apk file
    Please help me

    • Hi and thank you for contacting us. An email has been sent to you with detailed information on how to download android apk file. Best thoughts, Naomi

  4. Is it possible to store my maps in my google drive organisation ?

    I’d love to be able to create maps and manage them from within google drive.

    • Hello and thank you for your question. At the present moment it is not possible to store your maps in your google drive organization.

  5. I dont seem to know how to view the mindmap that I created on my Ipad from my desktop. Why is this?

    • Hi, you can upload a map from local files to your online account if you tap on “Home” to reach the Local Maps folder. Then tap on “edit”, choose the map you want to upload, tap on “location” then on “cloud maps” folder. You then navigate to the folder where you want to upload your map, tap on “Location” and then “Select” to upload your map. You should be able to view your map after following these steps 🙂

  6. Richard Love Reply

    Great app – thank you!

    Is it (or will it) be possible to drill down on a topic isolating a branch to work on?

    • Hi Richard, Thank you for your feedback. At the moment, the drill down option is only available on the online version. We are taking into consideration to implement it on the app as well.

  7. Elijah Beale Reply

    Will the apps support Dropbox, or google drive integration in the future? Is it possible to incorporate a built-in outline view?

  8. Naomi Mihut Reply

    Hi Dick,
    Thank you for your feedback. We are planning on adding these options as well.

  9. Dick Foster Reply

    The iPad version is very nice! Been waiting for it. Thanks.

    Question – I don’t see the “view” options like “collapse”, “levels”, “fit map.” Will those be added soon?

    Thanks, Dick

  10. Hi,
    Great news indeed. Always wanted one.

    I downloaded the android app on my phone. I tried signing in but realized I need to first have an account. On the web, I used to sign in with my Google credentials.

    Do I have to create another account now? If so, how do I migrate the existing mind maps?


    • Sorry. I figured it out.

      For others, I went to the “My Account” on the web interface and picked up my User Name and my Password.


  11. Can you please issue a list of compatible devices (for Android version).

    Do you use Flash or HTML5 or neither?


      • Thank you Naomi.

        My smartphone is not compatible with your Android application.

        I would like to buy new Android smartphone that will support your application. Is there any list of supported devices? What should I look for?

        Thank you,

        P.S. I can run Android version of Mindmeister and Mindjet mindmap software but I am not satisfied with them (Mindmeister is slow, buggy and got no support while Mindjet does not have synchronization option (OK, it does but uses Dropbox and that option is not OK for me)).

        • Hi Vladimir,
          For best performance we recommend relatively new devices like: Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC One Series, HTC Sensation Series, since we have already tested on these devices.
          Also, we recommend your device to have a minimum 1Ghz processor.
          We have tested on a simulator a large group of mobile phones and the application worked just fine. Let me know if I can be of more help.

  12. Jim Proctor Reply

    I’m also curious whether the iPad version (I guess same would apply to Desktop version) will eventually allow those who are serving their own instance of Mindomo to specify this server vs. the Mindomo server?

    Thanks again for developing this great app!

    • Naomi Mihut Reply

      Once the iPad and Android version will become more stable, we will allow users specify the desired server.

  13. Jim Proctor Reply

    I’m curious how to work offline with maps stored on Mindomo online, e.g. when I’m traveling by air? I’m thinking of functionality similar to Mindomo desktop. I can see how one can initiate a new map on the iPad, then save to Mindomo online, and I can see how to edit an online map on your iPad, but I’m not yet sure how to edit it offline, then save/sync similar to Desktop.

    Many thanks,


    • Jim Proctor Reply

      I’ve played with the iPad app a bit more, and am not sure that the iPad version of my file is syncing with the Mindomo online version: at any rate, the changes I made online aren’t reflected in the iPad version. I’m also, for some reason, unable to open any more online files than the first one I opened (they are greyed out)…

      • Naomi Mihut Reply

        The moment your iPad connects to the internet, your files won’t be grayed out anymore, your map will synchronize with the map you made changes on.

    • Naomi Mihut Reply

      You can access offline all the maps that you have opened. The maps you didn’t open are grayed out, so you cannot access them. All the changes you’ve made offline will automatically be synchronized with the online version when you have internet connection.

  14. Franck Maintenay Reply

    I just tried Mindomo for Android. It’s really great. I just wrote an article about it on my own blog.
    This version of Mindomo is free for several days (or weeks ?,…). How much will cost the definitive version ? Will it be free for the premium account owners ?
    I installed it on my Dell Streak (Android 2.2.2) but Google Play said me that the installation was impossible on my Galaxy Ace (Android 2.3.3). Do you know why ?

    But this software is really great and I think that on a bigger tablet (10” and more), it will be really useful. Thank you for your job.


    • Hi Franck,

      Thank you for your constant feedback as well as the written article. The app will be free for a while
      since we are interested in optimizing its features as well.

      The installation on Galaxy Ace may not possible because the phone cannot support the app.

    • danielsima Reply

      Hi Jeff,

      You will have to set a password to your account (use reset password feature) and then you can log-in with your credentials.

      If you have trouble with this, send us an email at and we can surely help you.

  15. This is awesome! However, I mostly use my iphone when I’m on the go. Will there be iPhone functionality added as well?

    • danielsima Reply

      Hi Chris!

      At the moment we cannot offer functionality for iPhones. We will take your feedback into consideration at our next update.

      • Was on the fence between this and mindmeister… their iPhone support has tipped me towards them!

  16. This looks like it could very easily become my new go-to mind mapping tool. Is there going to be retina display support for the new iPad soon?

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  18. Simply amazing!!!!

    Ive tried out the iPad app and it works flawlessly. It instantly updates changes between the iPad, desktop and regular browser versions. Extraordinary!

    Nearly all the functionality of the other versions is also retained. The only thing I have noticed missing is the ability to insert an image from the images stored on the iPad itself.

    This is really a great achievement guys, congratulations on maintaining or really surpassing (given the constraints of the iPad itself) the excellence that you have brought to the other editions.


  19. Maria Andersen Reply

    What about the ability to VIEW the maps of others on an iPad. When I try to view a mindmap directly from the Safari browser, it still demands a Flash plugin. Is there some way to use the App to view maps made by other people?

    • danielsima Reply

      Our priority was to release the core functionality as soon as possible. We will have several updates that will include this issue and others, but everything depends on the approval process from Itunes! 🙂

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