Hello, fellow mind mappers!

With the start of the holiday season, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at our upcoming Mindomo 6.0 release. We think it’s the best release ever. Here is why:

Simplified GUI – We revamped the GUI, ditched our ribbon, and created a lightweight user interface with the following objectives:
○ using screen space efficiently;
○ re-usability across all platforms desktop or mobile;
○ minimalistic appearance;

Org-Chart and Free-Form layouts – The layouts have been completely rewritten, existing layouts will interact much better than before and the new ones will give you more flexibility to explain your idea.

Multi-maps – you will be able to create multiple mind-maps in one document● Pan and Zoom – just like you are used to with Google Maps

Dashboard improvements – the maps opened by your colleagues will be marked, and changes since your last log-in will be shown.

Revamped and extended icon set – more visual aid at your disposal to express your ideas better.

There are several other improvements that you will enjoy so stay tuned!

Also, we would like to apologize. In our last newsletter, we promised that with the next release we will deliver mobile applications.

Although we started working on it, we shifted our priority so we can fully concentrate on improving our online tool, in order to provide you the best online mind mapping experience.

With these being said, we would like to wish you a Happy Summer and all the best.

Mindomo Team


  1. Hello Luca

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We are very happy that you like our tool.

    We will look into it and let you know if we need anything! 🙂

  2. Luke Pranay Reply

    Hei Guys !

    First, thank You for Co-creation and reflections and great software concept !

    Please know that you are doing a glorious job there ! U have created the best online tool for presenting knowledge to Humanity.
    Great concept, great tool, great power,wiseness and team coherence I'm wishing You.

    I have some suggestions for You in random order:

    – easier selection of multiple topics. Having multiple topics like in a same category – for easier designing

    – variable padding and margins size of a topic

    – more and better quality fonts – and bigger distance between letters on some fonts

    – implement a great „participative management” system in your company. It might prove extremely beneficial (especially in Romania). If You are interested about some great info materials about participative management, please drop me a line.

    that's it for now.

    Thank You !

    Love & Blessings

    Luca Pintilie (Luke Pranay)

  3. @Mike ok, I have already forwarded these tips to our programming team.

  4. Mike Lallemont Reply

    Make it more compatible with the Mac. Let us use Mac shortcut keys; i.e.; option-c instead of ctrl-c. Please let us use gestures, like pinch in-out to zoom. Swipe left and right with two fingers to move forward and back between maps. Don't show scroll bars if using a trackpad. All of these will be needed in a mobile app, so the same code base will work if your are still developing in Air. Thank you!

  5. Hi Doug,

    we will release it this summer. We also will have a private beta.
    If you'd like to participate please send us an e-mail at support[at]mindomo[dot]com.


  6. Can you tell us when this will “go live”? I have just visited my account, and it still shows version 5.


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