In a recent article published on their website, sang high praises for Mindomo and the value it brings to current online college students throughout the world today. By providing eLearners a place to organize their thoughts and have them reviewed by others, Mindomo essentially simulates a large-scale learning environment right in each distance-learning student’s living room.

The website also points out a plethora of other facts about online college students and the way that they learn; while at-home schooling promotes higher graduation rates, better learning retention, and generally higher grade point averages, the one major complaint that students have is the lack of community and fellowship.

While goal-oriented students can do just fine studying independently, others need that feeling of being a part of a group to really shine. Some online colleges do have group-related activities and projects online but just as many do not.

“The reason we reached out to Mindomo was fairly obvious,” Varnon added, “and I think it is an awesome benefit to anyone who is pursuing an online degree or preparing for a new career. The networking possibilities are endless.”

On top of promoting various student tools, also reviews online colleges, scholarship programs, and features expert advice from several online teachers and administrators. It is currently one of the premier sites on the Internet for obtaining information about an online degree. The staff does an excellent job keeping readers up to date on current events and news within the genre as well.


  1. Timothy Oliver Bosertinos Reply

    I want to show them how social networking can expand their classrooms and enhance their professional connections.

  2. William Quincy cameru Reply

    Each week, the group meets to discuss what they are reading about and how it can be used in their classrooms.

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