We’re excited to announce you that Mindomo is about to undergo a major enhancement in the upcoming weeks.
Since our last update in January we quietly deployed a number of updates, however our complete focus is on the next major release of Mindomo, which will contain the following features:
– Real-Time collaboration
– Versioning
– Auto-Save
If you followed our forums or you are one of the many with whom we’ve been in contact during the last months, you probably expected this.
Most of the functionalities are already implemented and we will most likely release a beta version first.
Beside the above mentioned features, we will include a number of other improvements as well.
The new version will require Flash Player 10, so make sure you update, if you didn’t do so up until now.
Stay tuned for more info in the next couple of weeks!


  1. I second that, it would pretty much be a disaster for me if there was only a flash 10 version. I signed up to mindomo so I could use mindmaps at work as it is impossible to get IT to load anything.

    Flash 10 may arrive sometime but it will be a while so mindomo would have become useless for me if there was no way to keep a version without flash 10.

    Hope you can sort something out.

  2. Hello;
    I wonder if your next version will integrate Real-time collaboration will use the product Life cycle data managemet LCDS. thank you for your reply.

  3. Hi Torgrim,

    both server side and client side code went trough significant changes. Keeping 2 versions of the code would be an overkill.
    We changed database structures, value object etc..

    But we will try to figure out a way to keep an old version which doesn't require flash 10.

    Best regards,

  4. Please, please, have a “if flash player version less than 10 -> Use old version” in your new code. 🙂

    (Many corporate users dont have the latest version, and cant have it before admin decides … sometimes next year)

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