First of all, we finished working on a face-lift for our dashboard. This is very important for us to have so much feedback from our users on the Forum.

Also, our website is in course of re-branding. We can hardly wait for our new identity to come to life. Collaborated with this, our highly secret team of programmers is getting some new features ready for next year. I will try to get a sneak peek for you in the coming weeks.

Then we obtained a substantial discount for the holidays because we want you to be ready for a brand new year. Click below and wrap it up.

Besides all this technical stuff, we have started to communicate with you through social media.

Start asking us about any technical problems on Twitter, hoping that we will deliver appropriate answers for everything and anything related to mind-mapping.

Our page on Facebook awaits her fans. We will organize for you a lot of promotions with premium membership giveaways and other surprises.

So, everybody here at Mindomo wishes you a Merry Christmas, a wealthy 2011, and can’t wait to see you next year.

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