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Through mind mapping, teachers can guide students not only to master a great variety of concepts, but to develop essential learning and thinking skills: generating new ideas; synthesizing and structuring information; problem-solving; decision-making; using evidence to support their claims; accurate planning.

Give students the structure to enhance

their knowledge and understanding

Mind mapping is perfect for introducing the learning material because students are provided with a visually appealing, clear overview of new concepts and ideas. The mind map's systematic layout allows teachers to highlight key concepts and establish connections among them while encouraging students to form their own opinions and ideas.

Teaching with Mind Maps

Mind mapping is a useful educational resource which empowers teachers to outline the fundamental concepts of their teaching material and the relationships between them. Thanks to the mind map's visual representation, students will find it easier to go through and comprehend the presented information.

Learning with Mind Maps

Students who study with mind maps are driven to identify main themes, core concepts and basic details. By classifying and organizing these elements, they will easily make new connections and assimilate the information. Also, as they create minds maps by using lines, shapes, colors and images, their final results are persistent mental images of the learning material.

Creative learning does not involve adapting to new information,

it involves adapting new information to your mindset.

Flip your classroom

with mind mapping

Flipping the classroom allows you to reach all of your students, while enabling them to receive knowledge at home, in a structured manner, at their own pace, and engage them in classroom activities that clarify and build up what they've learned.

Mind mapping in Mindomo will help you prepare your lessons, explain complex concepts and create lively tutorials. Also, using Mindomo in the classroom with your students will help you capture and retain their focus on key concepts, as you assist them in expanding their learning.

Learn to mind map

and acquire knowledge at the same time by using our innovative smart maps

Smart mind mapping is our latest innovation. It's mind mapping but more accessible and appealing, with an accent on knowledge.

Smart maps are interactive, partially filled-in mind maps, that guide students through questions and suggestions to develop and learn more about various concepts. From Language Arts to Ancient History and Science, we created several smart map templates that will stimulate students to use their full focus and critical thinking skills while magnifying various subjects.

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